At Primavera Online High School, we can think of several reasons why you should enroll with us! For your sake, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 reasons. Check them out below!

1. Sleep in (if you want)!

2. Complete schoolwork anywhere with an internet connection like your home, a coffee shop or even pool side!

3. Fit our flexible class schedule around your life.

4. Receive the personalized support you deserve with more one-on-one interaction from highly qualified instructors and guidance counselors.

5. Focus on two classes at a time with blocks lasting six weeks (new blocks starting every two weeks).

6. Catch up on credits or graduate early by adding on courses to your six-week block schedule.

7. Enjoy engaging, award-winning curriculum exclusively at Primavera.

8. Continue to participate in sports, student clubs, school dances, graduation ceremonies and other social events.

9. Meet new people throughout Arizona and bring your friends with you!

10. Choose from more class options including criminology, psychology and world religions.

11. Prepare for college with honors courses and dual enrollment classes.

12. Best of all–Primavera is completely tuition FREE!

Enroll Now!

  • Do you have a question about any of the reasons listed above? Or perhaps you have a reason why you enjoy attending Primavera Online High School to add to the list? Either way, share with us in the comments below!