There’s more than one way to receive a quality education.

Sometimes, circumstances necessitate an alternative. Other times, you simply want another choice. Either way, online school can be a great option.

When it comes to the benefits, we could probably make a pretty hefty list. For your sake, we’ve narrowed to a few reasons.

The perks of being a Student at Primavera Online School 

1. School runs on your family’s schedule

As an online school family, you can choose when to start the day.

We all know how stressful it can be to get your student up, out the of the bed and to school on time. Not to mention navigating through the parent pickup line if you don’t go with the bus. Removing that can be a huge relief, but beyond that, there are other reasons to be at home. Whether your child has health concerns, you want to be more involved in their education or whatever the reason, now school can be on your schedule with Primavera.

If your student is one of those rare (lucky you) morning people, they can absolutely keep waking up at the crack of dawn! But if you prefer, you can start your day a little later. Either way, online school from home eliminates the stress of rushing to get out the door to school.

K-3rd grade students need to spend about four hours a day, while 4-12th grade students need to spend about six hours a day. Many find that focusing for 2-3 hours on school work at a time with fun breaks in between makes the day go by much faster.


2. When doing online school from home, you get to study from the comfort of, well…home

Primavera’s classroom is wherever you have access to the internet. Whether your preferred workspace be a comfy couch, a home desk or coffee shop, you can complete schoolwork in the place of your choice.

We also have an online community monitored by staff for students to join clubs and safely chat with other students online to get to know peers. Not to mention the several fun school events and even prom, so socializing won’t be a worry.


3. Teachers are a phone call away. Or email, or text, or instant message…

If your student doesn’t like the burning stares from 30+ classmates that inevitably accompanies raising your hand to ask a question, Primavera Online has you covered.

Our teachers communicate with each student personally via phone calls, emails, texting, school announcements and instant messaging so that you can enjoy easy access to homework help from instructors.




4. You’re more tuned in to your child’s struggles and strengths

Personalized support comes due to our amazing teachers and counselors who are always ready to help their students succeed. But a big part of that support is the parents themselves! One perk of online school is that you don’t wait until Parent Teacher Conferences to find out how your student is doing.

You can log in and see right away what they’re struggling with and what they’re really great at. You can see their lessons and find ways to practice with them at home to improve.

It may be a bit more work, but it’s a fantastic perk knowing exactly how you can support your child with their education.


5. Curriculum is easy to navigate and actually enjoyable (seriously)

Ever get in trouble for falling asleep in class back in the day? We understand. School lectures can get boring.

That’s why we’ve created a curriculum that’s actually designed for today’s learners. Primavera’s online curriculum is just as rigorous as a traditional school (we are accredited, of course), but we include gaming, videos, comic stories and more so that your student will be engaged and even enjoying learning!



6. No dress code when learning from home!

There seems to be a shift toward school uniforms in schools throughout Arizona. While those have its benefits, it’s also not too cost effective, and can be a pain to make sure the right clothes are clean and ready for school each day.

Aside from uniforms, having to go “back to school shopping” for new outfits can be a huge stress lifted when learning from home! Of course, it is generally best not to wear pajamas all day, just for your child to focus better, but there are no set rules on what clothes they have to wear.


7. You can enroll your student anytime with Primavera Online School!

High school student not doing well and needs a change? Great! Primavera has new classes start every two weeks for our high school students!

Elementary and middle school can enroll anytime as well. Our teachers will help them to ensure they are on track and learning all they need to.

Whenever you decide the time is right, Primavera Online is there for you.

Interested in Primavera Online School? You can learn more here.