When you fall behind in school, you want to find a quick way to catch up on credits so you can graduate with your friends.

We understand. That’s why we offer six-week courses.

Although you can choose semester courses at Primavera, we also offer two classes condensed into six weeks. Doing so brings our students several benefits, which we’ll explain in this post.

Reduced stress, greater focus

Six-week courses allow students to focus on two courses at a time. Some of our students report they prefer this model compared to juggling six classes at once.

Classes set in a six-week time frame can lead to greater retention. For one, a student’s attention is not so divided. For another, finals occur six weeks after mastering concepts, not 15 weeks, like the traditional semester.

Catch up on credits, or get ahead to graduate early

Another benefit: getting ahead. The six-week courses count as a semester credit. Because there are two per block, adding on courses is much more doable than at a traditional school.

Students who qualify can take three courses every six weeks to earn up to three additional credits in a school year, not counting summer school.

Students who are not behind in credits can graduate up to two years early. So if you  are credit deficient, you could potentially still graduate on time, thanks to our six-week block structure.

Learn more about graduating early in this post.

Learn more about catching up on credits in this post.

Enroll anytime

If you need a change in your education, you don’t have to wait. We want to allow students to make the switch to online school without falling behind. As a result, we offer A, B and C tracks, all set to six-week blocks. With multiple tracks, new classes start every two weeks.

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