Enrollment/Application Information

Primavera K-5’s open enrollment policy allows you to apply at any time during the school year.

Primavera K-5 is tuition free for grade K – 5 students.

Your student needs to be five by September 1st.

No, Primavera K-5 is a full-time online school.

Once the application is complete and your paperwork is submitted, your student will be able to start on the first day of school. If your student’s enrollment application and paperwork are submitted after the first day of school, your student will be able to start within one-two school days.

  • Birth Certificate – (or other proof of the pupil’s identity and age Including the pupil’s baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number or original school registration records and an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate) **required within 30 days of enrollment**
  • Arizona Residency Documentation Form-Must be the same as the address on Registration packet including a copy of establishing document
  • Immunization Record – (or signed statement re: exemption pursuant to ARS 15-873)
  • Withdrawal Form from Previous School -**required if transferring from another Arizona Public School

If you don’t have all of the documents you need to complete the enrollment process, please complete the online application and enrollment forms. Work with your assigned enrollment advisor regarding the final missing documents so that as a team, we can get your student started as soon as possible.

You only need to provide an estimate of your family’s income. This information is used to provide data to the State of Arizona and will not affect your enrollment with Primavera.

eCollect is a web portal that allows students and parents to electronically complete and sign Primavera K-5’s enrollment documents.

Academic Information

  • Everything you need is available online.  You can print off PDFs.  However, certain grade levels do require novels which can be borrowed from local libraries.
  • There are common household/school type materials that may be needed, just like with any school, including colored pencils, composition notebooks, glue, highlighters, permanent markers, pencils, ruler, scissors, scotch tape, paintbrushes, and watercolor paints. Other common household materials will also be listed within each course.

We offer all of the core academic subjects (Math, English, Social Studies, and Science) and some electives such as PE, Health, and Art.

We are here to support and partner with your student and to do what is best for him/her. Students will be placed at grade level upon entry unless the student’s academic record suggests otherwise.

  • Your teachers will communicate with you regularly through phone calls, messages, online class sessions, both large and small groups, email, and via assignments.
  • Teachers will return calls and emails ASAP, no more than 24 hours (excludes weekends and holidays).
  • Canvas is our learning management system, sometimes referred to as an LMS. Canvas provides your student’s daily course lessons.  As the Learning Coach, you should read through the lessons assigned to your student that day utilizing the Learning Coach/Parent Guides so that you are aware of what your student needs to complete.  A Learning Coach tab lives on the side of each lesson.   The tab provides an outline of what the student will be working on and what materials or actions need to be taken by the Learning Coach for that lesson.
  • Your student is not expected to meet with his/her teacher each day, like a traditional school. Rather, the lessons and curriculum are delivered to your student via the Canvas.  Your teacher is available for questions as well as support.

The Learning Coach Guides will help provide a view of what the student will be doing in each lesson. Offline activities are dependent upon the courses the students are enrolled in but can include PDFs to download and print for the student work on as well as games, independent reading, flashcard practice, writing exercises, etc…

Writing instruction is layered throughout the English/Language Arts program and is aligned to Common Core standards. Students are provided age-appropriate writing instruction from within the online content supported by offline guided activities.   For example, in 3rd grade Language Arts, students write a personal narrative but the instruction, practice, and final work submission are layered throughout that particular Language Arts unit.

There are several assignments that are PDF-based that will need to be uploaded back into your student’s lessons from which the assignment originated.

The art curriculum includes guided activities for the students to produce offline. For example, in the first-grade art course, there is an activity that guides the students through how to make circles.  The Learning Coach and student are provided a materials list of items needed to complete the lesson/activity as well as directions for the Learning Coach to work through with the student.

K-3 grade students are required to attend at least 20 hours a week while our 4-6 grade students are required to attend 30 hours a week. Every day attendance is recorded and confirmed by the parent. Any time spent away from your computer that involves educational activities is considered attendance. Attendance needs to be recorded on a daily basis.

  • Students will complete both online and offline course work in order to meet their weekly attendance requirements.
  • Grades K -2 usually spend about three hours a day online and do the rest of their day offline.
  • Grade 3 usually spends about four hours a day.
  • Grades 4-5 spend about four to five hours a day.
  • The amount of time spent online compared to offline is dependent upon the courses assigned to your student as well as your student’s individual learning style. Below is a general outline of what to expect. However, your student may be different.
    • K-2nd grade students will spend an average of three hours online per day and one hour offline.
    • 3rd grade students will spend about the same as K-3rd if not a little more online.
    • 4th – 5th grade students will spend an average of four hours online each day and then one to two hours offline.

Course work (workbooks, checkpoints, discussions, quizzes, projects, and exams) are either completed electronically or submitted electronically. The only time a student is required to attend in person is during state-mandated testing, required by the Arizona Department of Education.

Standardized testing is held in the spring.

Yes, we will be holding parent-teacher conferences. The frequency will be unique per student and based on your family’s need.

Parent Information

Yes, all of our instructional staff are certified teachers and meet all state requirements.

Primavera’s special education department provides individualized attention and support to special needs students. A teacher/caseworker is assigned to each student from the time of enrollment and throughout all courses.

Primavera’s special programs department provides individualized attention and support to students who have a 504 plan based on the student’s needs in the online environment.

  • Yes, parents may access their student’s progress within the learning management system (LMS) at any time!
  • Parents can request report cards from Primavera once their class grades have been posted as they are not automatically forwarded.

Parent-teacher conferences are held based on student need as our teachers are here to support your family and student.

Miscellaneous Information

Primavera K-5 will provide you a personalized, structured academic program, allowing your student to complete his/her yearly requirements per your schedule. If your student fails to complete his/her required work or to attend school for the required number of hours every week, your student’s schedule will be adjusted.

As a Primavera K-5 student, you can do all your schoolwork from your own home, at your local library, or a nearby community center, virtually anywhere a computer and the Internet can be accessed. Coursework can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Social clubs and field trips will be set up at a later time based on parental and student interest.