How Primavera helps students thrive in a digital environment – and helps parents know their child is getting the education they deserve

Picture this:

Your alarm sounds off at 8:45am. You lazily reach over and turn it off, then roll out of your perfectly comfortable bed to start your morning routine. Within a few quiet minutes, you saunter out to the kitchen and begin brewing a cup of your favorite coffee. There’s no need to rush around getting kids ready and making sure they all have their lunch. Instead, they’ll be working from home in their pajamas and lunch is in the fridge. You can relax, complete your own work from home, and perhaps even catch an episode of your favorite daytime show.

That’s the dream – but is that the reality?

Depending on your kid’s school, this may be quite the opposite of what you’re experiencing. Sure, the kids can wear their favorite pajamas all day, and they don’t need to worry about catching the bus on time, but when it comes to the actual learning, it’s all headaches and stress.

Let’s face it. Remote learning just isn’t as simple as it seems.

Primavera Online School has successfully supported students and their families in online learning for nearly twenty years. Having served hundreds of thousands of students since starting in 2001, we have digital learning down to a science.

Speaking of science, one of the aspects we are most proud of is our engaging curriculum at Primavera Online School.

6-12th grade students at Primavera enjoy a curriculum that is designed specifically for a fully online experience – not a set of PowerPoint presentations or PDFs uploaded for students to download. Our curriculum is carefully developed and tested by a team of educators dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of students.

Middle School students taking our Quality Matters Approved science course enjoy various interactives that explore interesting topics like the nervous systems, plant and animal relationships, cell growth and more!

High school students at Primavera taking a mathematics courses are supported with high-quality videos, animations, graphics, and interactives to help them master complex topics. The curriculum is flexible for students who need to catch up, get ahead, or simply stay on track for the school year.

Primavera Online School is also fully accredited and NCAA approved, meaning students can transfer credits between schools and their credits all count towards the requirements for a high school diploma. Primavera course have also been approved by the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University so students attending college in the fall will remain on track for their Freshman year.. Your kids are also eligible to participate in and obtain scholarships for college athletics.

When you enroll with Primavera Online School, everything for 6-12th grade students is located on one reliable platform.

For some families, curriculum is scattered across multiple links and platforms. Teachers spend valuable time researching great resources for your kids to learn from, but that can sometimes lead to added stress and less time for individualized support.

Online Learning

  • One platform.

  • One curriculum.

  • One Data Hub.

Primavera teachers are well trained for the digital environment. With everything in one organized location, they’re able to monitor student progress and touch base to make sure every child is meeting his or her academic needs. This means parents can spend less time helping students understand complex and important topics, and more time relaxing and knowing your kids are getting the education they deserve.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that cup of freshly brewed coffee and check out Primavera Online School today. We are enrolling for middle and high school students, including for summer school.

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