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At Primavera, we believe students deserve a choice in their education. That’s why we’ve worked since 2001 to provide a tuition-free, quality online education for students throughout Arizona. Since opening our doors to a handful of students 20 years ago, Primavera has grown to be the largest high school in Arizona, educating nearly 20,000 students each year.

January 24–30th is National School Choice Week (NSCW). Founded in 2011, the goal is “to raise public awareness of all types of education options for children.” In the spirit of NSCW, we want you to know that you always have a choice, even midway through the school year. If you’re not enjoying where you currently attend, consider choosing Primavera Online School for grades K-12.

Is Primavera the Right Option for Me?

We often hear this question, and in most cases the answer is “yes!” Primavera works to provide a tailored education, which makes it the preferred choice for many people.

Primavera can be a great option for students who are: 

  • Looking to catch up on credits, or graduate early
  • Needing more individualized attention from teachers
  • Seeking an NCAA approved school to compete in college athletics
  • Wanting a flexible schedule due to illnesses, family responsibilities, work or other extracurricular activities
  • Hoping to study from the comfort of their homes in a supportive online environment
  • Wanting to switch to online school, but don’t want to miss out on the middle school or high school ‘experience’

Programs Available at Primavera











Full-Time Enrollment

Primavera is an accredited public charter school, which means it is tuition free and offers the same diploma as any traditional high school in Arizona. Our curriculum is award-winning, engaging and split into two courses every six weeks for reduced stress and better focus.

Learn more about full-time enrollment with Primavera here.

Concurrent Enrollment

For students who want to take an extra class, Primavera also offers concurrent enrollment. Students can remain at their traditional schools while taking a tuition-free, six-week online class with Primavera. This is a great way to catch up on credits, get ahead to graduate early or even make some room for more elective classes.

By law, all credits earned from Primavera must be accepted by other schools. You can learn more about it in this blog post.

Dual Enrollment & Honors

Primavera prides itself in offering a rigorous education that helps students become college ready. That’s why we offer dual enrollment (a class that offers both high school and college credit) and honors courses to help our students receive a greater challenge and get an early start on their college careers.

Learn more about dual-enrollment courses here.

More Quick Facts About Primavera

  • Tuition Free
  • Cognia accredited
  • 100% online
  • Rigorous, award-winning curriculum
  • Six-week courses 
  • Interactive student life
  • Personalized support from highly qualified instructors and counselors

How Do I Switch to Primavera Online School?

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Fill out the form, located either to the right or bottom of your screen
  • Work with an enrollment advisor to turn in paperwork and get enrolled

We know transferring in the middle of the year sounds like a daunting undertaking, but it is more doable than you think! For tips to easing the transition to online school midyear, check out this blog post.

  • Do you have more questions about Primavera Online School? Share with us in the comments below!


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