At Primavera, there are several ways to get connected with your classmates and make friends! One of the best ways to meet fellow Panthers who share your same interests is by joining a club. We have over 11 online student clubs for you to choose from, so you can be sure to find one (or more!) that’s right for you.

This year, we have a brand new club called the English Language Learners (ELL) Club. If you are learning English or would like to meet interesting students from all of over the country, the ELL Club is a great way to get connected with people who are just like you.

That’s why one Primavera instructor, Mr. Garry Epstein decided to start the club: to help students accomplish the daunting task of learning a second language together in a fun, inviting way.

“I believe that ELL students need more opportunities to interact with other students and with attractions around town,” said Mr. Epstein.

Now that the club is in full swing, they will be doing all of the fun activities all of our other clubs enjoy, including club events, school events and online meetings.

Here’s What’s Happening This Year in the ELL Club:

  • Monthly online meetings
  • Service projects
  • Bowling party
  • Museum visits
  • Prom!

“An ELL Club is important because ELL students have specific needs that may not be met in other clubs.  It is hard work to learn English and they need to have some fun.”
– Garry Epstein, instructor and ELL Club Advisor


    • Are you apart of a student club? Or do you plan to join a club? Share with us in the comments below!