If you find a Peyton Panther in a park, a few things will happen.

  • You’ll make a new best friend. He’ll pretend he doesn’t care (because he’s a cat), but he does.

  • You’ll enroll in free summer school with Primavera.

True story.

Because when you find Peyton Panther–a rare gray panther, by the way–you’ll clearly want to spend your lunch break with him. And when you do that, he’ll want some of your fruit cup.

But Peyton’s not just a taker, he imparts wisdom for your snack offerings. And just like this unlikely (but beautiful) friendship, you’ll find yourself wondering if there’s something better out there for you this summer.

Like, say, a free summer school program?

Primavera’s free summer school

Free summer school that’s accredited, 100% online and lasts just four weeks? What’s not to love? In fact, if we were to quote the words of a dad, it sounds like a…win, win, win.

But sometimes it takes a panther to talk some sense into you. After all, there are certainly concerns. You might be used to the ways of traditional schooling, you might worry about credits transferring (learn more here) or what to do if you get confused in your courses (you’d ask your teacher, which, yes, are at Primavera).

Peyton may be a panther of few words, well none, really. But he’s got some great points about Primavera’s free summer school. Like, studying without interruptions or taking naps when you want.

Online free summer school: Study how you want, uninterrupted.

Friends are great. We love them and all, but sometimes we need to be on our own to focus. When stuck in a summer classroom all day with 30+ classmates, that can seem a bit impossible.

Peyton understands the struggle. There’s no doubt he loves his BFF, but he just needs the ability to study uninterrupted every now and then.

Luckily, as an online student, he can go find a different studying location for a few hours. His best bud will understand. Hopefully.

Study (and nap) when you want

If you took a nap while in your summer school class, you’d probably wake up to the burning stare of an annoyed instructor. And that’s best-case scenario.

Online school allows you to study on your schedule. If you need to take a break for a quick cat nap during the day, you can.

Just make sure you pick a good place where you can nap in peace.

More about Primavera’s free summer school

  • Courses last four weeks

  • You can enroll in one course per block.

  • There are two blocks total

  • By law, credits must transfer to your current school. You can read more on that here.

  • We offer all the core classes during summer, along with some exciting electives. See the course catalog.

  • Enrolling is simple, and starts with an online application here.

Summer 2021 sessions start soon! For our June session, apply by May 25. For our July session, apply by June 25.



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