If there’s one thing we’ve learned since our start in 2001, it’s that every student has a very unique path to earning a high school diploma.

For a long time, we’ve offered six-week courses to part-time and full-time students. We found that it allowed many of students to catch up on credits, while also letting the high achiever have a more flexible schedule to fit in extracurricular activities or even jobs.

But what about the students who just want to study from the comfort of their homes? The ones who simply need an alternative to the traditional approach?

That’s why we decided to offer semester-long online courses.

While middle school students will take only semester courses, high school students now have a few options. We’ll explain more and (hopefully) help you determine which path is best for you below:


Starting Fall 2019, here are the different programs for each grade.


Not sure which path you should take? This quiz might help you out:


Either way, you receive the same quality education. It’s simply about which is going to best for you based on your graduation progress, requirements and learning needs.

Semester courses

Semester courses are available for grades 9–12 (middle school only offers semester courses). If you are not credit deficient, or if you are still early on in your high school journey (9th or 10th grade), this is probably your best option. It will allow you to take more time on courses, while enjoying scheduled Fall, Winter. Spring and Summer breaks. Really, it is like a traditional school from the comfort of your home.

You’ll take about 4–6 courses each semester.

  • For study, measured learning
  • Like traditional school at home
  • Enjoy scheduled breaks
  • For 9–12 grade students
  • Classes start August 5, January 3

Six-week courses

Generally, this is for students who need to get back on track to graduate. It is for the 11th grade and older students who need the “accelerated” option. If you are a junior or older who is doing well in school and hoping to graduate early, then these courses might be a great option!

If you are a 9–1oth grade student who really wants to enroll in six-week courses, give us a call. 🙂 Our guidance counselors will be happy to work with you and see if this is your best option. 480.456.6678, option 4.

  • Suggested 11–12th grade students
  • Catch up on credits, get ahead
  • Enrolling year-round


We’ve got a few more options to help you achieve your goal of a high school diploma.

Summer School

Tuition free, four weeks long, what’s not to love? You can enroll in a Primavera summer school course. then head back to your current school or switch to Primavera full-time. It’s your choice.

Summer school offers core and elective credit classes. They are 100% online and, as always, have highly qualified teachers who provide personalized support to help you get through your courses.

Summer School 2019 sessions are June 3 and July 1. Learn more here.

Full-time and part-time enrollment

High school students can enroll with Primavera full time or part time. Here are the details for both:


For semester schedule, classes start August 5 and January 3. Six-week courses, on the other hand, enroll every two weeks.

If you’re planning on enrolling before August 5, then you are good to pick either option. However, we know a lot of students aren’t able to enroll by a certain date.

Sometimes, our students don’t even know they need to switch schools until the middle of a semester.

If you need to switch in the middle of a semester, you can always enroll in a six-week course. Once the next semester rolls around, you’ll have the option to choose between semester and six-week courses.

For example, if Jane is a ninth grade student who was not doing well in school in October and knew she had to switch, she would enroll with Primavera’s six-week courses. But, once January rolls around, Jane would most likely start traditional semester courses.

This allows all students the ability to transfer to Primavera midyear, no matter which study track they need.


Whether you enroll in semester or six-week courses, you will receive the same quality education.

Either way, you’re going to experience an engaging, award-winning curriculum packed with videos, virtual reality and other interactive. You’ll also have highly qualified teachers and certified counselors readily available to help you through your time at Primavera.

Check out the infographic below to help you learn a little more about our programs offered.



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