Primavera Online High School has Arizona’s largest summer school program in Arizona. Each year, about 6,000 students take at least one course with Primavera.

A major concern of students and parents who take summer courses with Primavera is: “Will my school accept my credits?”

By law, schools must accept credits earned through Primavera.

However, confusion among parents and students arises as many school registrars, administrators and counselors provide misinformation, stating that they do not allow concurrent enrollment or that they do not accept credits from Primavera.

These types of statements are untrue, and contrary to the law.

If you enroll in a course with Primavera, you can receive credit. But we want to make the transition from Primavera back to your old school as smooth as possible. In order to make that happen, there are some steps you must follow. See below.

How To Transfer Summer School Credits from Primavera to Your Current School

Before starting any courses with Primavera, talk to your current school counselor.

Step 1: Talk With Your Current School Counselor

Legally, schools in Arizona need to accept the credits you earn from Primavera.

Even so, some schools will attempt to refuse Primavera earned credits. Many schools, on the other hand, have no problem accepting our credits; it all depends on your school. Before enrolling with Primavera, review your school’s policies so you are fully aware before starting a Primavera course.

Step 2: Enroll for a Summer School Course

Here is how to enroll for Primavera summer school.

An advisor will be there every step of the way to make enrolling simple. For more detailed instructions, head to this blog post.

Step 3: Reach out to your counselor a second time

We cannot stress this enough. Once enrolled, reach out to your current school counselor a second time. Let them know that the exact course you’ve enrolled in. If possible, get it in writing from your counselor that they will accept your credits.

Step 4: Notify your counselor immediately after you successfully completed a course

Seeing a pattern here? Overcommunication is key in this process. Once you’ve completed a course with a passing grade, notify your school counselor right away. You will need to send a transcript once your grade is recorded. We will help you with that.

What if my school says they won’t give me a core credit?

Arizona schools have to accept credits earned from Primavera. However, schools can decide to grant an elective credit for a core credit class.

For example, you can take a math that you need in order to graduate through Primavera. But a school could choose to give you elective credit. This means you get credit toward your diploma, but not a math credit. In other words, you would have to retake the math course in order to graduate.

Do not let the school give you elective credit for a core credit class.

You can take action. If a school claims they are going to grant elective credit only, you have 10 days to demand a test.  Legally, the school must provide you an exam. If you pass that exam, the school has to grant you with a core credit.

And remember, if this happens to you, please reach out to us at 480.456.6678. We have dealt with this situation and know how to help you.

What summer courses do you offer?

We offer all the core classes needed to obtain a high school diploma along with some exciting electives. To see a full course catalog, head to our Summer Courses page.

Summer sessions start May 30 and July 5.

  • What summer course are you planning to enroll in? Share with us in the comments below!