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“I like that I can be independent and my future is dependent on myself.” – Harmany (Student / Dancer) Watch Video “I like that the teachers are very interactive and always there to help.” – Isiah (Student / Fashion Designer) Watch Video “When I’m at horse shows I can work on school there. It gives me lots of flexibility.” – Hailey (Student / Equestrian) Watch Video “We were kind of disappointed in ourselves because we stopped school… we knew we wanted to get on our feet more.” – Alex & Maria (Students / Young Parents) Watch Video “Primavera really met every expectation that we had for a high school and, therefore, it was an easy choice to make.” – Lisa & Tatum (Parent & Student) Watch Video “I’m able to do my school in the morning and go to the tracks and focus on racing in the night.” – Dustin (Student /Motocross Racer) Watch Video “The flexibility is awesome because it allows me to stay focused in gymnastics but still maintain my grades.” – Justine (Student / Athlete) Watch Video “I was behind about four credits and I needed to catch up in order to graduate on time.” – Felicity (Student) Watch Video "Being the first in my family to enter college is exciting and a little nerve wracking." – Diana (Student) Watch Video


Most online schools settle for the bare minimum. But Primavera curriculum isn’t just accredited and NCAA approved. We go beyond alignment to provide an engaging curriculum, packed with videos and interactive material.


Semester or six-week course options, personalized teacher support, flexible schedule, the list of differences goes on.


Highly satisfied with online instructor interactions
Said technology helped them learn their course material
Found lessons well-organized and easy to follow
Highly satisfied with overall learning experience