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Vocational Training

Get a head start on your career.

Primavera students can get a head start on their careers by attending a vocational or technical school while completing their high school education. Since our courses are 100% online, attending a vocational school can be much more convenient for Primavera students.

Arizona JTED Program

A joint technological educational district (JTED) is an Arizona school district offering career and technical programs to students in surrounding partner school districts. Those who have earned enough high school credit can attend their traditional school part time and a JTED part time.

There are 14 JTEDs throughout the state of Arizona that offer career training in dozens of industries such as healthcare, technology, culinary arts and cosmetology. Explore the JTED in your area for more information.

NATIVE – Northeast Arizona Technological Institute of Vocational Education

NAVIT – Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology


STEDY – Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma

VACTE – Valley Academy of Career and Technology Education

WAVE – Western Arizona Vocational Education

West-MEC – Western Maricopa Education Center

CAVIAT – Coconino Association for Vocations, Industry & Technology

CAVIT – Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology

CTD – Cochise Technology District

CVIT – Cobre Valley Institute of Technology

EVIT – East Valley Institute of Technology

GIFT – Gila Institute for Technology

MIJTED – Mountain Institute Joint Technological Education

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