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Part-Time Enrollment

Catch up or get ahead with Primavera.

Part-time or concurrent students take one or more classes with Primavera to catch up or get ahead on credits while attending their current school.

Part-Time Students

  • Complete 15 hours of coursework for the class each week
  • Complete 100% online coursework from any location and any time of day
  • Receive ample support from instructor during weekday business hours
  • This option is recommended for 11–12th high school students
Transferring Credits

Each year, Primavera enrolls more than 10,000 part-time students. Many high schools work with us to make an easy transfer; however, some may state they don’t allow concurrent enrollment or accept credits from Primavera. By law, Arizona schools must accept credits earned from Primavera Online.

Can students really participate in online instruction at Primavera while enrolled full time at another school?

Yes. Arizona law allows a student to participate in online instruction while being concurrently enrolled full-time at another school:

Arizona Revised Statute § 15-808 was specifically created to allow concurrent participation in online instruction while being enrolled and attending full time at another school. The state, establishing the framework for online instruction, states – “Arizona online instruction shall be instituted to meet the needs of pupils in the information age.” A.R.S. § 15-808 (A). This statute also provides for the ‘enrollment’ by a student at a school district or charter school and also the participation in ‘online instruction.’ A.R.S. § 15-808 (F).

What if my school tells me they do not allow concurrent enrollment?

There are some schools that inform parents and students that they do not allow participation in online instruction at Primavera because the school does not allow concurrent enrollment. We believe this type of policy by a school undermines the purpose of the online instruction law and is likely a violation of enrollment and admissions laws. We have found that when challenged, most schools will back off of these types of statements and allow you to remain enrolled at their school, while participating in online instruction at Primavera.

Schools that tell you that your child is unable to attend Primavera or any other accredited online charter school because they do not allow concurrent enrollment is contrary to the law and likely contrary to the school’s own established policy. Not only would this be contrary to the online instruction laws, but it would also violate the enrollment laws, which require public schools to admit all children who meet the requirements of enrollment. A.R.S. § 15-816 and A.R.S. § 15-821. Charter schools are required to enroll pupils who submit timely applications, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level or building. A.R.S. § 15-184. Schools are also not allowed to be arbitrary in the application of their policies, so if your school is allowing some students and not others to enroll in online education at a school like Primavera, the school is likely being arbitrary in their application of the rules, which is a violation of the law.

Primavera has access to the current policy of most school districts and most of the policies are in compliance with Arizona’s law; however, many schools do not seem to tell parents and students what is in the written policy.

Which schools are required to accept Primavera credits?

Arizona law requires that all Arizona public schools (including charter schools) must recognize all of the credits transferred from other charter schools, including Primavera. A.R.S § 15-701(H). Refusal to accept the credits transferred from Primavera is a direct violation of the law.

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