Middle School

The Primavera Online Middle School Story

Primavera opened as an online high school in 2001 to just a handful of students. As a unique alternative to the traditional education approach, Primavera rapidly grew into the largest high school in Arizona.

But Primavera has always believed every student deserves a great education. And so, in the fall of 2011, Primavera Online Middle School was born.

Primavera Online offers fully accredited courses, staff-led outings throughout the semester for students and the ability for parents to be highly involved in their student’s education.

Award-winning curriculum, coupled with personalized support

Getting today’s pre-teen digital natives excited about learning is truly possible. We promise, we’ve seen it happen. What it takes, is an outstanding curriculum and dedicated teachers. Which we happen to have.

Primavera’s online middle school offers an accredited, award-winning curriculum filled with videos, illustrations, virtual reality and interactive content to keep students engaged. Courses are coupled with highly-qualified instructors who provide one-on-one attention for all students to ensure success.

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