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Why Primavera

Flexibility, support & award-winning coursework.

Primavera offers students a level of flexibility, individualized support and innovative coursework they can’t find anywhere else.

An Education that Fits Your Lifestyle

Our 100% online courses give students freedom to attend school around their schedule. We’re a great fit for students with:

Part-Time Job

Mother and child laying down together.

Family Obligations

Boy sitting in a wheelchair working on a tablet.

Special Medical Needs

Demanding Activities

Individualized Attention

At Primavera, our unique instruction model and caring, highly qualified teachers and faculty open the door to more personalized education.


School Counselors help with enrollment, ongoing academic and personal support, plotting a path to graduation and helping students prepare for college and career.


Teachers are readily available to provide individual instruction and support during weekday business hours.


Many Primavera students report they feel better supported at Primavera than at their traditional schools.

Enroll Any Time

Primavera enrolls students year-round with new classes starting periodically throughout the school year. We are an ideal option for many students:

  • Full-time students who need to make a switch from traditional school midyear
  • Part-time students who want to make up credits or get ahead in school
  • Students who have dropped out or missed school and want to get back on track
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Choose the Way You Learn

With Primavera, you have options. Students in grades 9-12 can take 12-week trimester courses, 6-week credit recovery courses and 4-week summer school courses.

Focus on fewer classes with our trimester option

Enjoy a quality public school from home

Choose a Credit Recovery Pathway

Collaborate with classmates online in fun discussions and student clubs

Award-Winning Coursework

Primavera is raising the bar with modern, exciting coursework developed especially for our students by StrongMind, our curriculum and technology partner. Each course is rigorous, research based and contains captivating multimedia elements to help students build critical knowledge and skills and become college and career ready.

Our coursework takes online learning to a whole new level with:

  • Live teacher-led lessons
  • Instructional videos and animations
  • Virtual reality elements
  • Educational games
  • Interactive maps and graphics
  • Annotated maps
  • Bio cards
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Interactive Student Life

Primavera offers a lively, diverse and supportive community where students can connect both online and in person. We provide many opportunities for them to explore their interests, meet new people and gain new experiences.

Primavera students enjoy the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with classmates on school work
  • Attend monthly student club meetings and activities
  • Get together at school and community events
  • Attend prom
  • Participate in our graduation ceremony
Student Life & Clubs

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