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Advertising and Media Inquiries

Primavera Online School is committed to open communication and dissemination of information to members of the media. We understand the fast-paced nature of media and will continually strive to help you meet any deadlines you may have as well as provide you with sources related to our school’s role in education in Arizona. To most effectively carry out these objectives, our media and advertising guidelines are as follows:

Reporter Inquiries

If you are a reporter and would like to interview Primavera staff, faculty or students, please contact us at [email protected].

We ask that reporters disclose the subject matter of their story, so that we can better identify the appropriate spokesperson and resources that are available to accommodate the request.

Advertising Inquiries

If you are an advertiser that would like to offer your services, or would like to request the Primavera Street Team at your event, please call 480.397.0605 or email [email protected]. In your request, please include your name, agency, and a summary of your inquiry.

School Filming

Members of the media may not photograph, record or interview faculty, staff or students at Primavera Online High School without the advance permission and assistance of a member of our executive leadership team. If you would like to film at our chandler location, please use the contact information above to schedule the shoot with at least 48-hours notice.

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