If you can believe it, the new year is almost upon us! To celebrate, we’re giving away free food and prizes to our Panthers! You Wondering how can you enjoy these awesome items? Come attend the All School Event: New Year Kickoff!

On Friday, January 8 from noon till 1 p.m., you’re invited to attend our All School Event in at the Teen Rock Center in Phoenix. This first event of the year features delicious free food, a tour of the famous Alice Cooper’s facility and selfies with Principal Barnes and the beloved Peyton Panther!

Joining us to celebrate the New Year will be the Eat to the Beat Live 101.5 crew with a live set mixed by DJ Valentine. Along with the live music will be a dance off competition, and the winner will get a special prize!

 If you plan to attend, don’t forget to RSVP! Family and friends are welcome, so please include them in the number of guests attending. Click HERE to RSVP.

Come join us for free food, live music and a chance to beat your fellow classmates in a dance off for a prize!

We will see you there!