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Backed by 20 years of experience, with Primavera, you can provide your child with a quality online education—YOUR way

This is what a quality online school looks like:

  • Tuition free for grades K-12. No fees, just free.

  • Cognia accredited and NCAA approved to graduate with a real diploma.

  • 100% online to study where you want.
  • Real, living, breathing teachers who are highly qualified and dedicated
  • An immersive curriculum packed with videos and interactive material. It’s also won several awards.
  • Opportunities to catch up or graduate early with full-time or part-time enrollment.
  • Merit-based scholarship opportunities for college, vocational school and certifications. Scholarships are funded by StrongMind.


Student success is rewarded with merit-based scholarships that can go toward the college or trade school of your choice, certifications and the military, so you can prepare for life after high school as you earn an accredited diploma.

Choose how you learn

Students have the ability to choose between traditional semester-long course or a Credit Recovery Pathway for grades 11-12. You’ll earn the same amount of credits each semester, you just get to decide how you learn.

The support you need

Our highly qualified instructors work individually with all students to help them excel in the online environment. Through our 100% online curriculum, students can learn at their own pace alongside instructors who provide constant support via phone calls, emails, instant messages and live online sessions.

Curriculum that’s unlike any other (seriously)

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked to develop aligned courses that engages students. Our curriculum has won 60+ awards and is filled with videos, stories, virtual reality, illustrations and interactive content to help you truly enjoy learning.

Still have some questions?

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