Over the past couple of months, we’ve shown you different ways you could enjoy high school your way through Primavera Online. From the classroom setting to teacher support, attending high school online allows for a much more customized education.

High School Their Way or Your Way: Winter Edition

With winter in full force, we bring you a special Their Way/Your Way Edition, because high school online has its perks even in the winter! Check them out below.

Mornings Their Way…or Your Way?


There are some times in the winter where getting out of bed is your greatest accomplishment for that day. From the darkness to the bitter cold, having to then rush and catch the school bus on time can be brutal. Here’s another approach: You wake up, get ready, log in and start your school work! Just like the weekend, you can stay in your PJs every day…except we recommend binge watching our instructional videos and not Netflix.

Physical Education Their Way…or Your Way?


Whether it’s 100+ degrees or less than 30 degrees, extreme temperatures make for a rough day in P.E. class. Not to mention the awful smelling locker rooms, the not-so-fun games or being forced to play a sport you hate for the next two weeks. P.E. classes are different at Primavera. Our students get to work with their P.E. instructor to create a workout plan of their own as they learn about nutrition and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The best part: if it’s too cold or hot outside, you can workout at your home or in a gym of your choice!

Lunch Their Way…or Your Way?


It’s safe to say that nobody loves the school lunches that look a blob monster sitting on the styrofoam tray. With school being 100% online, that means you can do what you want for lunch. If you decide you want to bake holiday cookies during your break, we won’t judge.

If you’re not enjoying high school, then we hope you consider making the switch this Winter 2017! Here are the start dates for January:

  • January 9– Enroll by January 4!
  • January 23– Enroll by January 18!

If you’re worried about switching to another school in the middle of the year, head to this blog post for tips to make the transition smooth.

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