We’re excited to share a special series, featuring real students who appeared in our television commercial! Each month, we will be giving you a closer look into the lives of these students and see how they chose success through Primavera.

Jayde Kolb, 17

If we had to use one word to describe the first student of this special spotlight series, ‘driven’ is definitely a frontrunner.

Meet Jayde Kolb, a young woman motivated by her desire to accomplish success and her passion for becoming a teacher. She was able to graduate a full year early through Primavera and get a head start on her dream career.

Take it from the former student body president, leader of the Art Club and top of her graduating class. When Jayde says Primavera allowed her to get on the fast track to accomplishing her goals, she means it. The proof could not have been more validated than the moment she addressed over 300 of her fellow Panthers from up on the podium at the 2015 graduation ceremony.

Jayde says that the responsibility Primavera gave her let her take charge of her own learning, preparing her for a college education. She knew that the next step for her, attending a college or university, would require even greater dedication, and she says that Primavera enabled her to feel secure about taking that leap.

“Primavera gives you that experience to go on and be able to take charge of your own learning and education and responsibilities,” said Jayde. “Outside of that, I was able join Amazing Youth Council, so we’ve been out doing a lot of service projects and I was able to meet the mayor and really get involved in my community like I’ve never been able to before, so that’s been really great.”

Graduating early was an accomplishment Jayde is proud of and knows it will help her in her aspirations.

“I think the opportunity to graduate early makes it possible to graduate college early and get started on things I want to do,” Jayde said. “Being younger, you get a different outlook than people who are graduating college later in their lives.”

But, according to Jayde, early graduation was only possible because of Primavera’s six-week long courses. As Jayde said, the fact that blocks are shorter in comparison to traditional semesters allows students to earn credits faster and the summer schooling really helps complete full courses fast.

After graduating from Primavera this past June, Jayde is now ready to take the next step and attend Grand Canyon University. She shared with us some of her accomplishments that have allowed her to save on tuition and attend the school she wanted to go to.

“I got several scholarships and I am really excited. I want to be a teacher, so I’m going to first be a teacher then possibly be a professor one day, hopefully for GCU, which would be really awesome to go back and really experience college again from a different perspective,” said Jayde.

Throughout her high school career, Jayde’s efforts afforded her the opportunity to work for the city and gain real job experience all while managing a full school course schedule.

“Primavera helps me succeed by allowing me to be more involved in my community.”

Jayde has made us proud to have been able to help her reach her goals, and we wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors!

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