Full-Time Enrollment

While Primavera is every bit as challenging as a traditional high school, our full-time students enjoy a unique structure that gives them the flexibility and individual support they can’t find anywhere else.

As a public charter school, we offer students the same core classes as a traditional school, along with unique elective courses.

Graduates receive an accredited diploma recognized by universities, colleges and employers nationwide.


Full-time enrollment is available to K–12th grade students in the state of Arizona under the age of 22.

Why Enroll Full Time?

  • Choose semester-long courses or 12-week Credit Recovery courses for grades 11-12

  • Complete 30 hours of coursework/attendance each week

  • Study from any location and any time of day with 100% online coursework

  • Receive support from teachers and counselors

  • Get back on track or have the opportunity to graduate early

  • This option is for elementary and middle school K–8th grade

  • This option is available for 9–12th grade high school students

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