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This past month, we had winners participate in a contest to win tickets to Arizona’s famous Renaissance Festival. Many students submitted great artwork, poetry and other artwork. Today, we’re featuring the top three winners. Check them out!

First place:  Callie Lorentson

Callie is the first place winner with her custom-designed dress she made herself.

“This is a dress that I designed and made. When designing it, I wanted something that reminded me of say a ‘bar wench’ and had the renaissance feel to it. There are some added “steampunk” elements, including the charms hanging from them mad of gears and keys. The dress itself is an A-line dress with a boat neck. The bronze overskirt is an attachment that is hooked together, but it is hidden behind the corset. The dress can hang at its original length or be hooked to the corset to make it shorter in the front but still keep with the renaissance feel.”- Callie Lorentson

Second Place Winner: Alexi Shepard

Alexi submitted an acrostic poem with a beautiful design.

Other Winners:

Lia Sill

Lia sent us a majestic drawing you can see below.

Kaitlyn Morgan

Last, but certainly not least, is 12th-grade student Kaitlyn who wrote a Renaissance themed poem.

A Tremendous Treat

Once was a time where swords swung and jousts jousted.

Dresses and armor were worn, for purposes of enjoyment and laughter

Tricks and treats are plenty here

For you will travel back in time and relive what once was.

The ordinary is no longer such

To out gazed occasional wear

To boring business casual.

A time this is to bring it back.

Bring your mates and your smiles

Dance around the horses saddle

See the fire and see the royal

Fun for any at the Renaissance Festival

We want to hear from you!

Whether you like to write short stories, poems, movie reviews or have a passion for another form of art, your work can be featured on our Panther Post.

To apply, email [email protected] and include a brief description of your artwork or piece, a few sentences letting us know more about yourself and anything else that can tell the story of your masterpiece!

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