As you may know, National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 every year. You can learn a little more about it here.

As part of our celebrations, we asked our Primavera students to create some artwork relating to Hispanic Heritage, and they did not disappoint! We got some incredible submissions, making it extremely difficult to decide on a winner! But, we did finally narrow it down. Here are all the submissions we received, with the top contestants below:

Winners of the Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest

First Place: Evan H.

This artwork has a ton of detail you just might miss on the first glance. Evan, a high school student, created this hybrid piece using both digital and hand drawing.

“I did this art because in Mexican heritage, skeletons represent a happy afterlife,” said Evan. “These two skeletons really are enjoying themselves. I drew it and then made it digital for a cool background.”

Second Place: Nataylia N.

A high school student, Nataylia put a lot of work–and creativity–into this piece. And made it specifically for our contest!

“I drew my painting based off Pablo Picasso and Frida, this is as if Pablo Picasso painted Frida Kahlo in his absract style,” said Nataylia.

Third Place: Alyssa G.

A unique submission from Alyssa G. shows how her family celebrates Day of the Dead.
“My art work is an ofrenda. People usually make these during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead),” said Alyssa. “This holiday is where life is celebrated specifically loved ones who have passed away. Ofrenda displays your loved ones; you decorate and add offerings for your loved ones. Such offerings are food, alcohol, and always water. This is my artwork because I appreciate my culture and celebrations.”

Fourth Place: Sophia V.

“This painting was inspired by Baile Flokorico, traditional dances done in Mexico,” said Sophia, a former Primavera student. She also included another amazing painting:

“I created the above painting inspired by Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that my family and I celebrate,” said Sophia. “This holiday is about remembering loved ones who have passed away and is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.  During this time spirits of the dead come to visit their family and friends. Both Marigolds and Monarch are very significant during this celebration. Monarch butterflies represent the souls of our ancestors who are returning to visit us and Marigolds guide the spirits on their way.”

Other Submissions

Honestly, these other submissions are not lower in quality by any means! We had so many great submissions. Some are from past students, most are current middle school and high school students here at Primavera. Check them out.

Haley T.

“In my drawing to the left is one of my characters, Phoebe, dressed in a traditional Huipil. To the left of her is another one of my characters, Cosmos, dressed in a matador costume. One top of them is Spice Star posing as the star in the Arizona flag that is mixed into the Mexican flag.”

Linda D.

Minat I.

Lexington C.

Great work, Panthers! Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram, and your emails as we will continue to run other contests throughout the year.