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Congrats to Autumn Dixon, who is one of Primavera’s students of the month for October! Autumn is a high school student here at Primavera who is doing a great job! Read her story below to learn more about her and the secret to her success as a Primavera Online student.

About Autumn, October Student of the Month

“I chose to attend Primavera because my mom had my older brothers go to school at Primavera when it was still just a high school,” said Autumn. “She was very pleased with the program and how well the teachers and staff worked with the parents and students. She already planned to send me and my younger brother here when it came time to go to high school but Covid sped things up a bit. Then she found that Primavera opened up to a K-12 program and after talking about it with us that this is where we decided to go.”

As a 9th-grade student here at Primavera now, Autumn has excelled with good grades and a clear excitement for learning. When we asked her how she stays on track in her studies, Autumn told us:

“I have a few strategies, they are fairly common and nothing out of the ordinary really. I try my best to get a good night’s sleep every night and wake up early every morning. I try to eat well-balanced meals, usually. Throughout the school day, I take many breaks, one ten minute break for every hour of work, so I can refocus and not get burnt out,” said Autumn. “Those breaks can include fun BrainPOP videos and other times it is playing badminton or something physical outside with my younger brother to get fresh air and move around. I set goals that require a certain standard of grades to reach for and other things so I can achieve those goals. My mom also gives a certain standard that our grades can’t drop below or we do not get electronics for the day, mine is 80 percent but I have a personal standard of 90 percent that I try to stick close to. We also have a designated work desk that is only used for school time.”

When it comes to advice for her fellow Primavera students, Autumn has thing: Set goals and stick to them.

“I would definitely suggest that students set long term big goals and take all the steps in between that they can right now to get to that goal. Like if you want to go to a college to get a specific degree and a job you really want then research about it, look for a college, do everything in your current power to make that goal happen,” said Autumn. “I would also like to recommend that they take the initiative into their hands because you can get things done when you try. For example, if you want honors classes then ask for them, If you want to take accelerated courses to graduate faster then ask to. Also, this one can seem nearly impossible to many people, try to want to learn and try to like what you are learning. Break up the deep learning with things you enjoy so you can stay less stressed and motivated. Remember to not be unbalanced with putting too much pressure on yourself and be proud of yourself for reaching any goals. Studies have shown a positive attitude and positive moods have a direct impact on grades and test scores, so be happy.”

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