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We’re a big fan of pets here at Primavera. After all, we are the Primavera Panthers and enjoy seeing our Peyton Panther whenever he makes an appearance.

Pets can be a fun study buddy as well!

Maybe not a very helpful study buddy, but certainly cute. October 29 is National Cat Day, and we couldn’t help but think of our favorite big cat, Peyton Panther! As Primavera “cats,” our students enjoy unique benefits, thanks to our amazing teachers, curriculum and personalized schedule.

Here are the benefits of being a Primavera Online “cat” below:

1. You have stress-free mornings. 

Of course, school is hard work. School isn’t really ever “easy.” But that doesn’t mean that your mornings have to be stressful.

With Primavera, you can work on your schedule. Waking up and driving to a brick-and-mortar school is plain stressful at times. Catching the bus or staying in the “cones” at parent pickup is not usually something most of us look forward to, and you can read a little more on that here.

With Primavera, there are live virtual classes you should attend, but you can do the work on your own time. Some of our students like to wake early to knock out homework before a live class, others prefer to get a few more Z’s and work in the later afternoon.

A full-time Primavera student should spend about 30-40 hours a week working on classes. But where and when they do so is so much more flexible–and less stressful–than attending a traditional brick and mortar.

2. All cats love a good keyboard. And Primavera “Cats” love their online classroom!

Ever seen a cat and a keyboard? It can easily turn into quite the struggle, especially as the owner of a cat!

Primavera Online students are just as excited to log in to their computer and work on classes. Why? Because Primavera is not a bunch of PDFs and PowerPoints to read.

Instead, we bring learning to life with award-winning multimedia curriculum. Students can customize classes to the color of their choice, and they spend their time watching engaging videos, completing interactive quizzes, workbooks and even some comic-book style novels to read! You can learn a little more about Primavera’s incredible online curriculum here.

3. You get extra help from your teachers through your preferred method of communication. 

This tends to be a favorite among our students. In fact, many Primavera students state that they communicate with their teachers more here at Primavera than they ever did in their traditional classroom.

Our teachers spend their days communicating with their students however is needed. Whether it is a live virtual class session, a smaller group session or 1-1 tutoring, our teachers are always there for our students from Kindergarten all the way to high school graduation.

4. You keep a flexible and balanced schedule. 

School work, studying, job, practices, parties? No problem. You can balance life here at Primavera. Education matters, and so do your goals. You can prioritize both with Primavera Online.

5. You’re excited for prom the entire year! 

We can’t wait to find out what this year’s theme is! We’re hoping we can resume an in-person prom event again in May 2022! We go all out with a beautiful venue, refreshments and a decorated theme as chosen by our students.

6. You have friends from all across the state whom you met and talk to in class and student clubs.

Did you know that Miami is actually a town in Arizona? Our students often do.

With class discussions and student clubs to join, making friends in Primavera Online is pretty simple. To learn more about our student clubs, head here.

7. You look forward to graduation.

We have always rocked some great graduation ceremonies in the past! And we’ve grown so large in student population, that we now have two ceremonies students and their families can attend at a beautiful venue. We’ve celebrated at Grand Canyon University, Symphony Hall and Wells Fargo, to name a few! For our class of 2022, stay tuned! We’ll send you details as we get closer to graduation.

  • What’s your favorite part about being a Primavera cat? Share with us in the comments below!


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