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In 2017, Arizona seniors became the first students in the country required to required to pass a Civics Exam for graduation.

Just in case AzMERIT and final exams weren’t enough to scare you, there’s another test you have to pass in order to graduate. Except unlike finals or standardized tests, you really do have to get a passing grade in order to graduate.

But don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, each year, about 700,000 immigrants become U.S. Citizens. That means they passed the same Civics Exam you’re expected to take.

There are several resources to help you get prepped for the exam. Here are some tips and ideas below to help you feel confident in passing that Civics Exam.

Try out some practice quizzes or download the app

The great thing about this exam is that you have several resources to practice. There are a few online quizzes you can take until you’ve perfected your score.

There’s even the AZ HS Citizen App you can download. Not to brag, but it was created by a former Primavera student, Riley Danler. He created it in 2016 as a sophomore. You can learn a little more about his story here.

Here are a few links to get started:

Make a game out of it. Try seeing if you can pass these quizzes five times in a row.

Or, take the Civics and Citizenship course with Primavera

This six-week course provides students with basic knowledge of the history and philosophy of the United States government and its principles. It includes Arizona and U.S. government principles.

You’ll also learn how you can get involved in your communities, as you study your rights and responsibilities and how you can make a difference.

To help you prepare for the Civics Exam, it includes a pre-test, which you can take here. The course includes some group projects, discussions and several different videos. You’ll get to go through vocab cards and interactive material, all the while with the support of a highly qualified teacher.

For full-time students, you’ll enroll in this course after you complete American History A & American History B. You can learn a little more about enrolling full-time here.

If you’d like to take the course for school credit or for extra support, you can also enroll part time, meaning you only enroll in this course with Primavera while staying at your current school.

Get Civics Exam support as a part-time student

Government 3o0: American Civics and Citizenship is a course available to all Arizona students under the age of 21.

You can take this course to get ready for the exam, earn school credit and stay at your current school. Before enrolling, you’ll want to work with your counselor and read up on transferring credits. By law, your credits must be accepted, but you can learn more here.

To re-enroll as a current student, or learn more about Primavera, fill out the form below:

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