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With student success at the core of our instructional model, we provide students with multi-layered learning and support services.

That means our students have access to free tutors/learning success partners in addition to an instructional team of teachers. Our tutors/learning success partners provide free targeted academic support for Primavera students in grades 9-12.

Working in small groups, our tutors can make sure each student’s family is kept up to date on the progress their student is making, actively communicating about each student’s tutoring outcomes.

Here are a few more benefits of this tutoring service:

  • 100% Online
    Just like your school, this tutoring is completely online to get the support you need from the comfort of home
  • Small Group Support
    Speaking of support, these tutoring sessions happen in small groups, so you can ask the exact questions you need to become a pro at any subject you might be struggling in.
  • No Cost – It’s FREE!
    Online tutoring is available for any enrolled Primavera Online High School student at no cost.

If you’re a current Primavera student in grades 9-12 and would like to schedule a tutor, click the link below!

Schedule a Tutor Here


High school students: please take advantage of this incredible opportunity! It can help you excel in your academics as well as your enrichment activities.

Interested in Primavera? We are a tuition-free, 100% online school available for grades K-12. You can learn more here.

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