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There is a world ahead of you to learn and explore, and Primavera is going to help our students accomplish just that!

Primavera has partnered with UnlimitedTutoring for an exciting opportunity exclusive to our Primavera Panthers!

Upper-level Primavera students (middle school and high school) now have FREE access to online tutoring to help you receive 1-1 support in any of your courses at Primavera.

But it’s not just tutoring.

Students now have access to online tutoring in more than 60 of the most popular academic subjects, as well as college admissions assistance, test preparation support, and even coaching for extracurricular interests – piano, debate, and chess to name a few! 

Whatever goal you want to accomplish, now is the time.

Here are a few more benefits of this free tutoring service:

  • 100% Online
    Just like your school, this tutoring is completely online to get the support you need from the comfort of home
  • 1-1 Support
    Speaking of support, these tutoring sessions are 1-1 with a certified professional so that you can ask the exact questions you need to become a pro at any subject you might be struggling in.
  • Convenient
    Online tutoring services are available practically 24/7. You can schedule an appointment day or night, whatever works best for you!
  • No additional Cost
    Online tutoring is available for any enrolled Primavera Online Middle and High School student at no additional cost. Families can have up to two (2) sessions scheduled at any time per student and up to five (5) sessions per month.

If you’re a current Primavera student, accessing this tutoring is very simple. Here is a quick how-to:

Accessing UnlimitedTutoring in your student account

You may see UnlimitedTutoring called Plexxus at times. Just know that it is the same service, the name was recently changed.

Setting up a tutoring session is so simple, and with it being free, is there really any reason not to try it out? When you log in to your student account, click on the tab on the left you click to access announcements, and you’ll see a link to the tutoring right there!

Click on that, and it will direct you to UnlimitedTutoring to set up your appointment. Here is what it’ll look like:

Step 1–Click on the link in your student account to access Unlimited Tutoring

Step 2- Select the type of tutoring/coaching service you’d like

Step 3–Select the tutor you’d like to schedule with

Step 4–Select the time

Step 5–Done! You’ll see the confirmation page

High school and middle school students: please take advantage of this incredible opportunity! It can help you excel in your academics as well as your enrichment activities. If you have any questions about it, you’re welcome to give us a call at 480.456.6678. 🙂

Interested in Primavera? We are a tuition-free, 100% online school available for grades K-12. You can learn more here.

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