When it comes to your education, a teacher who cares can make all the difference. At Primavera, our teachers are here for you every step of the way. They provide one-on-one instruction, tutoring sessions and moral support to help students progress through school all the way through graduation.

In light of World Teacher Day on October 5, we thought you should get to know some of Primavera’s fine teachers. Our own students even gave some shoutouts of appreciation; check it out!

Ms. Samantha Ortiz

Ms. Ortiz is a teacher for Primavera Elementary. In her free time, Ms. Ortiz enjoys reading, watching movies with her kids and being outdoors.

“I decided to become a Primavera Elementary teacher because Primavera students benefit from a high-quality education that’s different from the rest!” said Ms. Ortiz, “Students learn in the comfort of their own homes with support from their teachers.”

Ms. Ortiz has a talent for keeping kids engaged, having fun and learning while in her live online classes. When we asked her what her secret was, she responded:

“Before each live session, I converse with my students just as I would when teaching in person. I incorporate their interests into my lessons as much as possible.

I also ensure the kids have opportunities to connect with each other. They work in breakout sessions and collaborate daily. I love to see the amazing things my students do every day as they learn from each other! Each Friday, the students participate in “Fun Friday” and get to know each other personally. I love our virtual classroom community!”

Another teacher who is often a student favorite with the high school students is Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Ramesh Joshi

Mr. Joshi has been with Primavera for nearly 16 years. Mr. Joshi has a great love for learning. In fact, he holds two master’s degrees in engineering and mathematics. Mr. Joshi became a teacher to help adolescent learners find joy in math and learning as he does.

“From my experience in engineering and technology, I really enjoy helping students reach their mathematic goals through a virtual environment that we have made possible,” said Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi loves teaching in the online environment because it allows him to personally teach each student.

“I enjoy the amount of participation that my students commit to,” said Mr. Joshi. “For example, students talk to me on the phone to participate in whatever situation they are in, be it at home, working in restaurants or out grocery shopping in between classes. I love being able to provide that.”

More than 1/3 of Mr. Joshi’s students request to take additional math courses with him. Part of what makes Mr. Joshi so successful as a math instructor is that he makes math applicable to real life.

“I compare math to real-world examples, a satellite dish like the ones we use for our televisions for instance,” said Mr. Joshi. “Quadratic equations can be explained using their parabolic surface and the point the main focus of the dish receives its signal. Examples like these allow my students to relate to the problems in their own time, versus what they might feel is ancient or non-relatable.”

Our next teacher is Mr. Glenn Weiss. He has been at Primavera since the beginning 20 years ago, and his passion is helping students learn.

Mr. Glenn Weiss

To Mr. Weiss, the most rewarding thing about being a teacher comes down to three words: I get it. When a student is able to understand math, Mr. Weiss feels he has succeeded because “every ‘I get it!’ impacts a brighter future,” as Mr. Weiss said.

Mr. Weiss can remember many times when he felt his hard work impacted a student’s life, but one of his favorite moments was a time when he was “swept off his feet.”

“There was that single moment I was shocked to be lifted off the ground in a big bear hug at graduation,” said Mr. Weiss.

It’s not just students who are thankful for Mr. Weiss; parents have been grateful for the impact he has made on both their lives and their children’s lives as well. In the quote below, a mother writes her gratitude to Mr. Weiss for helping her son, Theo, make it through Geometry.

“I just want to extend a big thank you to all involved at your end. It was a rocky start, for sure, but the fact that you (Mr. Weiss) offered Theo second chances really paid off in the end. Thank you again.”

Mr. Weiss wants to leave you Primavera students with yet another three words: Let it go.

“Let it Go. Move through each day without fear and your palms down. Palms down symbolize letting go and moving ahead. With your palms up you can accept and hold, but with your palms down you can plant, build, create, and learn.”

Mrs. Lauree Russell

Mrs. Russell enjoys cooking, glass ceramics and “shopping too much at Costco.” Mrs. Russell also manages a small business, and loves traveling throughout the beautiful state of Arizona. Her favorite location is the Grand Canyon.

Among her many passions is a love for teaching. Mrs. Russell especially enjoys teaching Primavera students to hone their unique abilities.

“I believe Primavera students have an amazing opportunity to develop time management, self discipline and their own personal skills,” said Mrs. Russell. “Primavera allows the sports athlete (or musician or writer…) to change their schooling schedule so they can be an athlete (a musician or a writer…). I am thrilled to be a part of this progressive type of education here at Primavera!”

Shoutouts from our Primavera students to their teachers

A few more Primavera teachers

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