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Primavera Online School building.

It’s no secret that we have amazing students at Primavera Online! Our students are going above and beyond to achieve the goals they want in life—no matter what obstacles they have to overcome!

One such student is Mataya Mleynek, a 14-year-old eighth grader at Primavera. Mataya recently started her own business–named Creative Waves–where she sells different arts and crafts projects on Instagram.

She was recently featured in Eastern Arizona Courier, where her mom opened up about Mataya’s passion for creating art.

Her mom told Eastern Arizona Courier, “She’s always done a lot of crafts and stuff. And a couple of years ago, she did a little boutique where she sold some stuff, and it’s just always interested her. Then she wanted to earn money, and she asked me several times to help her, but she was finally like, ‘Mom, I made an Instagram page and put some stuff out there, and I’m selling it.'”

To learn more about her inspirational story, check out her interview by Eastern Arizona Courier below!

 Read the full interview here

About Primavera Online

Primavera Online has been helping students learn and thrive online for over 20 years; we also have teachers who are experienced in online learning and can provide students with the high-quality education they deserve. Plus, we’re tuition-free and fully accredited.

At Primavera, students get:

  • Project-based curriculum aligned to state standards
  • Small group and individual instruction in a virtual classroom
  • Personalized teacher support
  • A flexible schedule
  • NCAA approved courses (for athletes in high school)
  • To complete classwork when and where they want – it’s 100% online!
  • Videos and Animations

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