NCAA approved online

Sports and online school might as strange a combo as a grilled apple cheese sandwich.

And yet somehow, that sandwich is actually a great combo.

There are a few NCAA approved online schools in Arizona available to student athletes hoping to play in college. And it just so happens that Priamvera is one of those NCAA approved online schools.

And in many ways, online school is actually a better option for many competitive student athletes.

How Can I Play Sports and Do Online School?

If you go to school online, you can still participate in sport’s teams at your local public school. This depends on the school’s policy, but the many schools in Arizona allow homeschooled (including online students) to participate on their sports team. You will have to try out and make the team, but it’s a possibility.

You can also join a club sport, and that’s where online school has greater benefits.

Club sports, traveling teams, competitive leagues, they are all time-demanding extracurricular activities. And depending on how competitive, you may need to spend many hours practicing each day. When you’re expected to be in a school building seven hours a day, balancing your life can be stressful.

Online high school allows you to work around your schedule. You could wake up extra early to exercise, do coursework, go to team practice and come back to study. Or you could wake up early and do schoolwork then spend the rest of your day in practice. Either way, online school works with your schedule.

For the College-Bound Athlete: NCAA Approved Online School 

You certainly can still be a college athlete if you attend online school. You will need to make sure the school is NCAA approved. That is the only way you can be guaranteed to earn a college athletic scholarship.

Primavera just happens to be an NCAA approved online school. This is largely due to our personalized instruction model, which you can learn more about here.

In fact, below are a few stories of Primavera’s student athletes who successfully participated on competitive teams and graduated from Primavera with high GPAs.

Primavera Online High School Student Athletes

Meghan Lyall, Tennis Player


Meghan is a Utah State University student. She was captain of the Aggie women’s tennis team last year, and serves on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC).

“I first started playing tennis when I was eleven years old,” said Meghan. “I fell in love with tennis because you can play it for a lifetime.”

With all the traveling and constant practicing required, Meghan needed to have a flexible schedule that only online school could provide.

“I could not have pursued my