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PE online? Yep, it’s a thing.

Physical Education (PE) isn’t just running around the track or playing a sport and dragging your sweaty self to the next class. Of course, exercise is part of it, but there’s a lot of nutrition and science to learn too.

Taking PE online can be much more beneficial than in a traditional school setting. Whether you are a concurrent or full-time student, here is a little more information so you can see why taking PE  online with Primavera is your best option.

How Primavera’s PE online course works

When you take physical education online with Primavera, you keep a weekly log of your exercises and stay connected with your instructor who will keep you motivated to stay active.

More importantly, instructors help you choose workouts you’re actually interested in, so you can be your best self, as Primavera’s instructor Gabriel Garcia said.

“One of the best parts of PE online is that students can customize what they want to do for exercise. Because of this, they are motivated to be physically active.”
– Gabriel Garcia, physical education instructor

What You Will Learn 

A big part of PE is not only being active, but learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. At Primavera, you will learn about nutrition, exercise and how to stay physically and mentally healthy.

“The goal of physical education is to educate students about the best ways to live an active, healthy lifestyle. As obesity rates rise with children, they need to understand that it is not just exercise that will help, but also what they eat. We also teach them about how exercise can increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and even reduce stress.”
– Gabriel Garcia, physical education instructor

Why PE online can be a better option

There are a lot of benefits from taking physical education with Primavera. For one, you don’t have to worry about being picked last, changing in a locker room or going to your next class sweaty. But what’s more important is that with Primavera, you learn skills that you take with you for life. Many students who take physical education with us end up saying it was a much better option than traditional physical education, as Mr. Garcia told us.

” I have had many students many students tell me how much they enjoyed this class more, as they started they learned so much more,”
– Gabriel Garcia, physical education instructor

What our students think about PE online

Alyssa, a former student of Mr. Garcia’s, told us how students at her old middle school would harass her during her physical education class, causing her to have low self-esteem and no longer want to be active. Once she switched to Primavera, she became motivated to exercise, and said she feels healthier and happier.

” I am choosing what exercises I am doing, where I do them and when I do them. At the beginning of this course, I barely even walked my dog. Now I bike again, I’m back on those long walks I loved as a kid, and come summer I’ll swim every other day at least. Doing these things now has made me endlessly happy.”
– Alyssa, Primavera student

  • What’s your favorite part about taking physical education online with Primavera? Share with us in the comments below!


  • Bradley G Boe says:

    Can my son get .5 credits for a PE class via Primavera without having to take other classes? He is a senior and with Covid his independent study PE class of Bowling has run into issue with facilities being closed. We have workout equipment at home and he has a bike he could do cycling as well. I am grasping for help because this is a requirement to graduate in our district.
    Thank you.

    • Primavera Online says:

      Hi, Bradley. Lots of students enroll with Primavera to catch up on credits! We offer concurrent enrollment, which allows students to enroll in a Primavera class while attending traditional high school. To learn more, check out our blog here: Also, our enrollment advisors are here to help and can review this with you. You can reach them by calling 480.456.6678 and selecting option 1.

  • Micheal Thompson says:

    My son a sophomore hates gym so can he take this course while still being enrolled at his current high school

    • Hi, Michael. Absolutely! 🙂 PE is great with Primavera, because he and his instructor can find activities he likes to do together. We do recommend checking with your school to make sure they will accept the credit as the required PE credit, but most will.

  • dice says:

    Can this class be taken over the summer?

  • Vanessa Victorio says:

    Can this class be taken during school because I start school in two days and I am a senior and I do not want to take p.e for my last year please your my only chance

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