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Girl reading a book.

Oh, summer break. It always starts off exciting: vacations, pool time, ice cream, movies, the list goes on.

But come July is when the ‘magic’ often starts to fade and the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored” emerges. When that happens, head to your summer reading list! We’ve compiled a list of several books by each grade level, so you certainly won’t find yourself running out of things to read!

By the way, if you haven’t yet, go check out your local public library! Libraries in your county are free, and they’re not just for books! Many libraries have access to free audio books, DVDs to check out and even music or passes to places like the Phoenix Zoo.

Here’s Primavera’s Summer Reading List, broken down by grade level:


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade through High School

Happy reading!

Classes start in August. You can get more information here.

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