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Although it’s been nearly two years, most of us can remember the day schools shut down in Spring of 2020 and continued with what was called “distance learning” for a time.

The experience each student had during that time varies. But for some, switching to an online school as a temporary solution has become their permanent preferred choice of learning.

We talked to our recent Students of the Month winners and noticed a trend: These successful students happened to enroll in 2020, thinking Primavera would be a good temporary solution and found it was their new home. Primavera was working so well for them, they’ve made it their permanent school of choice. Here’s what these students had to say:

Gavii H., 10th grade, January’s Student of the Month

We already wanted to reach out to Gavrielle H. (she goes by Gavii) since she was selected as the high school student of the month! She is a very driven, successful student who decided to stay with Primavera after schools were reopened.

Q: Why did you choose to attend Primavera?

“I know it’s probably said a lot by now, but COVID drove me to this school. I didn’t want to get sick and my parents found out about this idea. Why have I stayed? Awesome you should ask, the lessons are far more patterned and accessible than any other school.”

Q: What strategies do you use to make sure you are a successful student?

“I see Ms. Kowal once a week for help, she is very helpful. She knows everything, she knows more than my dad! Take what’s around you, If your mom is good at ballet, use it for fashion design. Use EVERYTHING you have access to. I get my school work done early and work on projects in the afternoon. I also always ask for help. Always ask for help, even when you think you don’t need it.”

Q: What advice would you give to other students?

“I would tell other students to try their hardest in school. I think I already answered this, but… Don’t get frustrated, just ask for the help you need when you do get frustrated. School can be hard if you let it, so my friends, don’t let it.”

Derwin Harris, 5th grade, September Student of the Month

Q: Why did you choose Primavera?

A: “Well, I didn’t choose it, but I like the school. I did a little bit of online school, as in two or three weeks of fourth grade when COVID hit. It wasn’t very organized, which is why we switched to Primavera because you already know what you’re doing.

My favorite thing is convenience. It’s so convenient, the only thing I have to care about is my grades and doing the work. If I have my grades up, I can go chat with my friends any time, all I have to do is the work that I’ve been assigned. It just feels carefree to only have to focus on school and keeping my grades up.

Q: What are some goals you’ve achieved with Primavera?

A: “I’m staying on top of my courses, I’m keeping my grades up. But you know, no one’s perfect. I set a goal on the minimum grade I want each day, and focus on the ones that need improvement for the day and re-take my quizzes or workbooks until I get 100%. I just know that If I do stuff late, I’m obviously going to get zeros, and I can’t have that. Keeping my grades up is much easier than catching up, I learned pretty quickly and now I know I can work whenever I want but make sure I stay on top of my goals.”

Q: What advice would you give to your fellow classmates or students new to Primavera?

“Look at your grades often to see where you need to be, but also take time to look back and be proud of the work you’ve done. If you’re not celebrating, or can’t look back and be proud of your work, then work hard to catch up. If you stay on top of your coursework, you won’t have to worry so much. Trust me, I’ve been there.”

Autumn Dixon, 8th grade, October Student of the Month

Q: What brought you to Primavera?

“I was going to a charter school before Covid but then we got sent home for shelter in place. Shelter in place schooling was rough especially since in-person schools were not made to or used to doing things virtually. After I finished 7th grade with the charter school mom started looking for online schools, She was looking for a bit and asking around. Then she found that Primavera opened up to a K-12 program and after talking about it with us that this is where we decided to go.”


Q: You’ve accomplished a lot while at Primavera. Do you have advice for your classmates?


“I only have a bit of advice to give, really they can follow any of the things that I do. I would definitely suggest that they set long term big goals and take all the steps in between that they can right now to get to that goal…Remember to not be unbalanced with putting too much pressure on yourself and be proud of yourself for reaching any goals. Studies have shown a positive attitude and positive moods have a direct impact on grades and test scores, so be happy.”

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