When you first heard about switching to an online school, chances are you were worried you’d fall off the face of the earth. High school is where you go to socialize, after all!

And perhaps a decade ago, that would be true. In this digital age, however, connecting with people throughout the state is easier than ever. Primavera has utilized technology tools to ensure our online high school students can socialize.

In fact, as many of our current students here at Primavera know, meeting classmates and making friends is oftentimes much easier than at a traditional school. Here are some of the many ways Primavera makes it easy to stay social in an online environment.

School Events

If you enjoy hanging out with friends and eating free food, chances are you will love our school events! Held throughout the school year, these activities are a great way to meet classmates and have some fun.

To name a few, we’ve held school events at places like Fear Farm, Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo, Spring Training and movies here at Primavera.

School events may or may not happen in 2021, but they are open to all students at Primavera! Oftentimes you can also bring your friends from other schools to join in on the fun.

Online Student Clubs

If you have a hobby you enjoy, come join a student club! Primavera has a wide variety of online student clubs for students to meet fellow Panthers who share similar likes and interests.

Get involved in your community with the Student Government Association, write your own novel through the Book Club or go to art museums and learn to draw with the Art Club!

These clubs also hold monthly in-person events for yet another opportunity to socialize and make friends in online high school.


Nobody rocks prom like our Panther students! We have games, food, movies playing and a live DJ so you can dance the night away or enjoy hanging out with your classmates and friends.

What’s more, our Prom is open to all Primavera students so you don’t have to wait until your junior year to have some fun! We are happy to announce that we are tentatively going to have a prom event once again in May 2022! Details to come soon, stay tuned!

At Primavera there are so many ways to get involved, it’s easy to stay social in our online environment! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more information on upcoming school events and student clubs.

  • How do you connect with your friends at Primavera? Share with us in the comments below!
  • How do you connect with your friends at Primavera? Share with us in the comments below!