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You never forget the first time you move and have to face the “new.”

New home, new school, new people: it’s all very daunting.  It can be even worse if moving puts you behind on graduating.

That was the case for Felicity Newman. Despite moving to another city mid-year and falling behind, Felicity graduated early. How? Summer school with Primavera Online High School. Read her story below.

Felicity Newman, Summer School Student, Early Graduate

Felicity is a go-getter who enjoys studying anatomy and spending time in her church youth group. A few years ago, Felicity moved to Peoria right before the end of the school year. This caused her to fall behind on a few credits.

But Felicity isn’t one to take defeat.

As an excelling student and aspiring pediatrician, Felicity wanted to recover her credits fast. She went to her guidance counselor and decided she needed to take summer school courses.

“I was recommended by my guidance counselor at my new school, and he said that I could have taken an online class with the school district,” said Felicity. “But he also said Primavera was really good and it was free, so that’s when I did Primavera Online.”

Being the hard worker she is, Felicity handled a summer babysitting job while attending summer school.

“I love kids. I love how they talk, how they have so much to say and how they express themselves,” said Felicity.

Felicity encountered a few hiccups once she started summer school courses.

“I had to get a hot spot, and it wasn’t working at first, so I was already behind,” said Felicity.

With the help of instructors, Felicity worked hard to finish her summer school courses with good grades.

“My teachers [at Primavera] were really cool. They talked to me, helped me through pacing and everything,” said Felicity. Even when I was behind on some things, they helped me catch up. I was doing babysitting, which you think you could never do being online doing school. It was hard, but I got it all done and I was still really good with my grades.”

By the end of the first summer term, Felicity decided she did not want to just recover credits, she wanted to graduate early. So she enrolled in the second summer session and got ahead. By doing so, Felicity was able to graduate a semester early.

“My mom is really happy for me…she saw how well I was doing at Primavera and how the teachers would email her too,” said Felicity. And even though I took some time to get back up, I got everything in and I was still really good with my grades. Primavera was super helpful with that.”

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