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Stop Abuse and Be a Champion
by Josh

As humans, we have several base characteristics in common such as experiencing happiness, pain, and stress. The variety of circumstances we all grow up in sways the way we instinctively react in situations. Whether our reactions are good or bad, it’s still what defines us. Everyone deals with pain in different ways. Some are passive, others lash out, and others learn to manage their reactions for the better.

Abuser or Victim or

So what about Abusers and those they abuse? Victims suffer from pain, depression, and embarrassment at the hands/words of Abusers who tease, torture, and exclude them. Victims are made to feel worthless, while Abusers are elevated to a place of power. Victims are hurt; Abusers do the hurting.
Why do you think many Abusers do what they do? Are they just born evil people? Probably not; babies seem to be quite the opposite of evil. Is it just for fun and laughs? Again, probably not; most people don’t go watch a sad movie to laugh. What if Abusers are just Victims themselves? Maybe they themselves are being bullied and take it out on others. Think about when you are sad or angry. Have you ever snapped at someone or had a bad thought? It’s similar for many Abusers; a lot of them are also sad or angry and don’t know how to manage it without hurting someone else. While what they are doing is unacceptable, Abusers are also Victims in their own way.
This means that Victims have a few paths they will go down. They can passively deal with it and remain a Victim, take out their pain on others to become an Abuser, or actively deal with it and become a Champion.

Abuser or Victim orChampion

Champions are great because they help themselves, Victims, and Abusers. When a Champion is abused, they stand up for themselves by telling the Abuser to “Stop” in a clear yet calm voice. If an Abuser does not stop, Champions find an adult to help instead of retaliating (thus becoming an Abuser themselves). Champions never abuse others; not even Abusers. When a Champion sees someone else (even an Abuser) being bullied, they will stick up for them in the same way.
As role models, Champions consistently show kindness to others. Sometimes all an Abuser needs is a friend. By including Abusers in supervised activities, Champions can show Abusers a happier way of living.
Sometimes Champions makes mistakes. When they do, they make sure to apologize.
With the internet, abuse has taken on a different form. How would you feel if an embarrassing picture of you was shared with the entire school or went viral on the internet?
Champions prevent this by being careful with their online presence. They never share their password (or their friends’) passwords since Abusers can use passwords to post bad things on social media. Champions are also mindful of their privacy settings and what they share online. Champions never post or share hurtful things online.

Ending the Cycle

Abusers hurt others, who will hurt others, who will hurt others, and so on. Champions stand to break that cycle through their strength, kindness, and persistence. When you see abuse happening, help prevent it and be a Champion. You may not save the world, but you can at least help those around you.

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