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The Story of Alex Lynch

When it comes to having big dreams, Alex Lynch knows how important it is. But he also understands it’s not enough to just dream big—you also need to work hard to turn your dreams into a reality.

Since he was young, Alex has been inspired by Tiger Woods and he hopes that someday, he can become a pro just like Tiger.

And because Alex goes to Primavera, he has a flexible school schedule that allows him to work toward achieving his lifelong dream.

“I travel several times per month for golf tournaments and Primavera allows me to stay caught up while competing,” Alex said.

And the hard work is paying off—both in the (online) classroom and on the putting green.

“It’s still early for me, but I’ve made straight A’s so far while competing at a high level in golf,” Alex shared. “Last weekend, I came in second place in a large regional golf event with great golfers from around the country. I shot six under par for the weekend and just missed first place,” Alex continued. “I couldn’t have competed in this tournament without Primavera.”

But attending school online at Primavera doesn’t just help Alex work toward accomplishing his golfing aspirations. It also gives him more time with his family—something that would otherwise be difficult considering his father’s profession.

“My dad is a physician and manages medical practices around the U.S. When I was in first grade, we all discussed as a family how we could spend more time together and we decided I should try homeschooling so we could travel together,” Alex said. “I was able to visit many states with my dad while completing school and competing in golf tournaments.”

Even though Alex is a freshman, he already has his goals set for after graduation; he hopes to play golf at ASU and from there, become a pro.

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