At Primavera Online School, we have countless talented, hardworking students. In this blog series, we highlight one of our exemplary students.

For this special spotlight, we’re proud to share the story of a Primavera graduate, written in his own words. Jaccob Grahn just graduated from Primavera and has some great advice and a motivational message he wants to share with current Primavera students!

Let’s check out Jaccob’s experience at Primavera, plus get an exciting update about where he is now that he has graduated!

The Story of Jaccob Grahn

The Online School Experience

“As a student at Primavera, I faced my fair share of adversity and hardship. Online schooling is tough, and it can be brutal; I say this from personal experience. All too often, I found it impossible to stay on top of my classes and suddenly I’d find myself behind. It can be difficult to stay on task and it is a lot for a student to deal with. Fortunately, Primavera has great staff who want nothing more than to see you succeed. From the guidance department to the instructors, everyone will work with you to help you become your best.”

The Key to Success

“A common theme I learned from my time at Primavera is that in order to excel as a student, it helps to have support from others around you. More often than not, I’d try to go at it alone and I’d end up coming up short. After all, a building is only as sturdy as its foundation. The challenge I faced and the lessons I learned while a student at Primavera have no doubt made me a better person and have really prepared me for the future. At times, things can seem insurmountable and goals can feel unattainable, but just know that hard work and cooperation will prevail. Keep focused and push through; there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel.”

Life After Primavera

“On Monday, I had my swear-in ceremony and I signed my contract for the Air Force Reserve. I have enlisted as a 2A3X7B (F-35 Maintainer) for a length of six years. I will ship out for BMT on either January 5th or January 19th. I’m excited to have enlisted into a job I wanted and to have received some great educational benefits; I look forward to going to basic training. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on staying in shape and preparing for my UTA drills leading up to my ship date. [Above is a] photo of me taking the oath of enlistment.”

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