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June 21 is considered the official first day of the summer. But as all us Arizonans know, summer really started months ago. Just last weekend, we enjoyed breaking record temperatures of 118?! If the thought of summer just beginning makes you feel a little overwhelmed, then check out these different ideas to help survive the heat all the way through October.

Survival Tip #1: Do Not Touch This: pexels-photo-102992

Without using these.



You might look weird, but your hands will thank you.



Survival Tip #2: For the days when walking out the door feels like this:


Then we suggest a movie marathon. 

collage image 2


Call up a couple friends together and start a favorite movie or television series.




Survival Tip #3: While you’re at it, you can try baking some cookies out of your car.


OK, they may not turn out as yummy looking as the picture above. But it does work! While you’re enjoying your movie marathon, bake some cookies, throw them on a tray, have them sit in your car and go out every so often and watch them grow. For more instructions, check out this article.



Survival Tip #4: If for some reason you have to go outside, then you’ll definitely want a pair of these.


You know, to make you look and feel cooler. Take a selfie while you’re at it.

And of course, some water. And a bucket of ice.Mauviel_M30_Aluminum_Ice_Bucket

The ice is not for consumption. This is to be used on yourself when you can no longer take the heat. Or to pour onto on an unsuspecting friend, if you prefer.

 Also, some mint water.



Studies show that mint helps the body better regulate temperature. So be sure to add some mint in your beverage to help you feel cooler.



Survival Tip #5: But seriously, just stay indoors. You won’t melt there. You can make a blanket fort, and do your school work inside.


Makes working so much more fun.

Or reconnect with family. Play some board games.



Survival Tip #6: Just remember, once October rolls around, you’ll be bragging about Arizona weather again.


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  • Do you have a creative tip for staying cool in the Arizona heat? Share with us in the comments below!


  • Julie Wheatcraft says:

    When you go outside I suggest that before you do have a water bottle that is half frozen. Then you can put water in it but the frozen ice inside will act like a cooler so your water will stay cold for a longer period of time!! 🙂

    • James Braden says:

      Julie, This is a great reply that you posted. Thank you for sharing ! I will have to keep this in mind. Have a great day ! Stay Cool ! 🙂

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