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Primavera Online School has an incredible team of teachers who are always working diligently to help their students succeed. Recently, we decided to ask our students which teachers they’d like to learn more about and say, “thank you.” When it came to Primavera Elementary, there was a very clear first choice. The elementary students all loved Ms. Heidi Goldsobel (known as Mrs. G in her classrooms), a kindergarten teacher here at Primavera.

Coming from 30 years’ background in education and a clear passion for teaching, it’s no surprise to us that the students connect so well with Mrs. G! She has been with Primavera for two years now and we are grateful to have her. Here’s what our students and parents have to say:

Why students and parents love “Mrs. G”

“Mrs. G has made my first year teaching at home easy and supported us the entire way!”

She is very caring when we had Covid she was so understanding and checked on us. We Love Mrs. G!

“She’s teaching me a lot.”

“Because she is kind and nice.”

“She has really helped Mason coming from public to online and made it better.”

“Mrs. G has patience and motivates our kids, she also answers our text in a prompt time, even weekends.”

“Because she has taken her time to work with my shy daughter always remembers what she likes and has a connection with her she is kind and friendly.”

A little more about Mrs. G

Mrs. G grew up in Boston and has lived all over the country, including California, North Carolina, and now Arizona for the past eight years.

“I always loved working with the students and getting that aha moment from them,” said Mrs. G. “I worked in kindergarten and then covid hit and that was the end of me being in a classroom. I had a parent that was a plumber and he told me his kid was going to Primavera, and I thought, ‘Wait what? That’s a high school?,’ and that’s when I figured it out. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I knew I wanted to give back to the community and work with children, so I went to Primavera.”

Mrs. G shared she had her doubts about not being “techy” enough for Primavera, and luckily was teamed up with a mentor who got her acclimated to online instruction quickly.

“I have had so many positive experiences working with Primavera students,” said Mrs. G. “They’re all over the state and it improves me daily to be able to listen to these kindergarteners and what they come up with, and they’re so excited to start learning.”

Mrs. G shared that these young learners really have no barriers to socializing online, thanks to a few methods she adds in her classrooms.

“We work in breakout rooms a lot. I do a lot of small groups as well as when I’m on the computer with them, we start out with calendar time to play and jump to songs from people on YouTube, I implemented the songs I used to sing in the classroom,” said Mrs. G. “We just get interactive with each other and talk, then sometimes I have 1-1 groups and other groups to meet their learning objectives.”

Mrs. G has also started up Fun Fridays, where her kindergarten students get to do activities together like Tic Tac Toe, Color by Number and watching presentations of all the great work each student has completed throughout the week.

“I just love Primavera students for the energy they bring to the classroom. They want to tell you and so much they have to say. That’s what moves me to keep going is seeing the energy they have to learn.” – Mrs. Heidi Goldsobel

Interested in learning more about Primavera Online Elementary? You can get more info here.

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