Meet Arianne (Ari) Clark. She’s a junior, a talented artist and a businesswoman.

Ari’s been an artist ever since she can remember. She enjoys anything from graphic design to cartoon doodles. Whatever she does create, she puts her heart and soul into it.

So, naturally, it didn’t take long before people started wanting her to draw and design professionally.

“I’ve always drawn as a hobby, but began taking it as a career choice when my friend asked me to design a tattoo for her,” said Ari. “And she actually got it inked. Ever since realizing people took my drawings that seriously, I figured I should, too.”

Since then, Ari’s been a dedicated artist. It’s actually part of the reason she’s an online student–so she can have time to pursue her career.

“I chose Primavera because I wanted to focus on my artwork and cut down on stress.”

Since joining Primavera, she has improved on both her artwork and stress. She works hard in classes, and whenever she has free time, she’s freelancing her artwork and designs.

“I’ve opened myself up to do commission work and have drawn up designs for bands and brands such as Doll Skin, Pompking Pomades, Kleaver Klothing and more,” said Ari. “Doll Skin is actually a funny story, because I actually messaged them first, offering to do some work for them one day, and they actually took me up on it and had me design many shirts, including their merchandise for their tour across Europe.”

Ari’s Art

Ari likes to focus on many types of art:

“I am a cartoonist, graphic designer, merchandise designer of many brands and bands, and an artist of many mediums,” said Ari.

“Basically including anything from scratchboard doodles to realism, primarily cartoon-y graphic characters stylized from different shows’ styles, or real people. I’m hoping to one day become a storyboard artist for a cartoon, and to create my own storyline and comic- as well as being a cartoon based tattoo artist.”

Although she is versatile, Ari’s talent certainly does not wear thin. You can how she puts together her animated drawings on the computer in a time-lapse video below.

Ari doesn’t shy from realistic drawings either. She enjoys sketching portraits, which you can see below.

We hope to see many more of Ari’s designs and artwork as she continues to develop in her professional career.

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