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The Panther Post features talented Primavera students with a love for the written word.

Noah Brown is a Primavera Online High School student with a talent for writing. He has written a few short stories, one of which will be featured in this article.

“The freedoms offered when attending Primavera that are absent from normal public schools was the primary reason I began completing my classes online instead of a physical classroom,” said Noah. “Freedoms like being able to complete classwork at any time of the day allowed my schedule to be freed up so I could be focusing more of my time on improving my skills in writing and hanging out with friends. Attending Primavera also allowed me to eat better than when I was attending a standard high school with short lunch times and minuscule breaks between class periods.”

Noah is a musician and enjoys getting lost in the world of fiction.

“The talent I possess that I treasure the most would be my skill in writing that I hope to hone and improve once I graduate when begin attending Oregon State this year,” said Noah. “Some of the ways I have been practicing this skill is through completing academic papers for my classes that delve into various subjects alongside drafting up numerous short stories for class and pleasure. Aside from writing I have been practicing my skills in guitar although they are still unrefined.”

Today, we’re featuring one of his original stories, “Cyryl.”

Long before the corruption of Arthas and the invasion of the Burning Legion, a young boy was born to a family deprived of successors to their lineage. The boy’s father hoped to allow his family to live a lavish lifestyle free from the shackles of starvation and began mentoring the boy in the art of the hunt at the age of 7.

His mother passed down her extraordinary skills in cooking, educating the boy on the proper method to skin the game to obtain the vital meats from the slain animal along with cooking and seasoning the meat. The boy, however, dreamed of becoming a foot soldier for the Stormwind army allowing him to protect his fellow man and give his family the luxurious lifestyle in Stormwind instead of their hunting shack in Wetlands.

The boy, after hearing his parents de-construct and demolish his ideal life as a soldier, he abandoned his home on his 10th birthday and encountered a band of Dark Elves who had overheard his conservation and offered him the chance to become a warrior the likes of which had never been seen before along with the ability for his parents to finally live the life they always clamored for, but only if the boy came with them and trained extensively.

He obliged and joined the ranks of the Elves only to be experimented on and tortured through the splicing the boy’s physical characteristics with those of animals ranging from velociraptors to arachnids. The Elves assigned their masterpiece hunter a new name of Cyryl to represent their pride in designing the ultimate monster slayer. The treatment gave Cyryl the eyes of a Raptor, the venom and tongue of a Viper, and the sensitive hairs of a Black Widow.

The treatment came at the price of the reduction of his empathy and other emotions that were deemed to be unnecessary for a monster slayer. On the boy’s 18th birthday he was bestowed to a pair of witches for their previous generosity towards the Elves.

After the boy helped obtain numerous ingredients for their concoctions over the years he was finally allowed to set off on his own into the world after one of the witches passed away and the other decided to close shop thus no longer needing the boy around.

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  • MyAyzia Lewis says:

    Is there more? Please say there is more?!What happens when he is a soldier? Does he ever see his original family again? O.M.G. I LOVED IT! GREAT JOB NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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