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It’s a fact most of us know by now. Online school means you can study anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer.

You may also know of Peyton Panther. You know, that famously gray panther, Primavera’s beloved mascot. He takes his studies pretty seriously. In fact, even his best of friends won’t distract him from learning.

In case you’re not convinced just how serious Peyton is with his studies, we’ve spotted him in several locations. These clearly-not-photoshopped photos can be hard to spot the panther.

Give yourself a break from your studies for a bit and challenge your brain with these photos.

Three study spot photos that we’re sure you can spot Peyton Panther

1. This overly crowded baseball stadium

This packed baseball stadium won’t stop you from finding Peyton…right?

If you have a big game you’re excited to watch, you can wake up earlier that day, get your schoolwork done, then head to the stadium and enjoy the game stress-free of school. Because you already got it done for the day. After all, fewer things are worse than heading home late only to have homework to do before you can sleep.[/fusion_text]

2. This beach that’s clearly in Arizona 

OK, it might not be that great of an idea to study on a beach. Laptops and sand aren’t exactly known to be best buds.

But here’s the beauty of online school with Primavera:

Should you have a planned vacation, our teachers are always happy to work with your schedule. You can work ahead to submit your assignments so you have less work to do while you’re traveling. It requires communication with your teacher prior to leaving, but it’s flexibility offered with online school that’s not always as accessible in the traditional school world.

3. This peaceful protest that’s not quite unified in its purpose

You might be fired up about Canada’s temperatures. You might have a true purpose you believe in where you spend a lot of hours volunteering.

Whatever the case, you can attend morning events, because you’re an online student. That means getting home and working on schoolwork in the late afternoon, but you have that flexibility.

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