As a homeschool parent, you know all too well the importance of being involved in your child’s education.

Knowing what they’re learning, how they’re learning and their academic strengths or struggles is a huge advantage as a homeschool parent. And if we had to guess, that’s something you’re not readily giving up.

But eventually–unless you’re exceptionally intelligent and if so, kudos–the curriculum may get too complex for you. Or maybe you’re great at helping your child with, say, English, but not science or math.

How do you provide your child with a well-rounded education while still retaining control over their learning?

It’s a problem our students and parents often face. And that’s where online schooling can play a great role.

Taking charge of your student’s education with award-winning curriculum

You know your child best. So it would make sense that you play a major role in your student’s instruction.

That does not change with Primavera. We provide the engine, but you are the driver of your child’s academic success.

That ‘engine’ comes with aligned, solid curriculum and support from highly qualified instructors. They are there to answer questions and provide personalized support whenever needed.

Should you decide to enroll with Primavera Online High School or Middle School, you’ll enjoy a digital award-winning curriculum. Our curriculum is Cognia accredited and packed with multimedia and interactive activities. It’s learning designed for today’s teen learner.

You can learn more about our online curriculum here.

Through Primavera, you’ll be able to be home with your child. You’ll know exactly what they’re learning, where they’re excelling and where they need help. But if they have a question you can’t answer, you’ll have highly qualified teachers ready to support you. Our guidance counselors are also available to ensure your child’s homeschool journey is successful.

Greater support in your home study: Primavera’s role

Our role is to educate, encourage, support and guide the student’s educational journey.

Each student has teachers and guidance counselors who:

Helping your student succeed

Spending more time with your child and being fully involved in their education are both great things.

You shouldn’t have to lose out on those because the curriculum gets too complex.

With Primavera Online High School, you can continue being fully involved in your child’s education while enjoying support, coupled with an awesome curriculum, teachers and guidance counselors.

We are now enrolling for summer and the 2018-19 school year. To learn more, click on the button below.


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