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The Panther Post features work from talented Primavera students with a love for the arts. This month, we’re excited to feature a thrilling poem by Patricia Olsen, a junior here at Primavera who enjoys listening to music and playing volleyball. Check out her work below.

“The Dream” by Patricia Olsen, 11th grade

I’m running,

Feet pounding on the floor.

They are going to find me,

They are gaining on me.

They won’t go away.

My ragged breaths can be heard from miles away.

Heart pounding so loud it’s like a drum beat.

I stop, too tired to run.

By now I know I’m dead meat.

I look back and see he is only yards away.

I close my eyes so I don’t see the men

And then I start counting to ten.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, –

Their hands grab me, covering my mou-

I wake up,

Breathing hard, realizing

It was just a dream.


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To apply, email [email protected] and include a brief description of your artwork or piece, a few sentences letting us know more about yourself and anything else that can tell the story of your masterpiece!

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