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The Panther Post is a blog series dedicated to featuring work from Primavera Online High School series. This month, we’re excited to bring a thought-provoking poem by Jennifer Heckman, a 12th grader here at Primavera who loves reading and writing.

“Writing fictional stories has been my passion since elementary school. Flowers, trees and other imagery just flows into my mind creating scenery upon scenery where my characters roam and race into the heat of battle. Ever since I could type on my own computer, I’ve dreamed of becoming a writer but my traditional school hardly allowed me the time to freely grow and nourish my stories into the ideal books. After enrolling into Primavera, my free time and education have become more flexible, allowing me to continue towards my goals of becoming a free writer.” Jennifer Heckman, 12th grade.

Check out her poem below!

If I…

If I say I’m shy, if I say I’m nervous, if I say I’m afraid,

Would you stare at me with a judgmental gaze and spread gossip?

If I say I’m clumsy, if I say I’m strange, if I say I’m a freak,

Would you laugh at me, pointing out all my faults before everyone?

If I tell the truth, if I say this isn’t right and if I shake my head in disagreement,

Would you deny my wise council and seek out lies to please your own selfish ways?

If I say a word, if I try to understand, but I stay confused,

Would you smirk to yourself thinking of how stupid I must be compared to you?

If I never gain friends, or have a group, or have the new gadget,

Would you boast about how superior you must be?

If I speak with compassion for those below you yet you despise the words I let slip from my mouth,

Would you knock me down and tell me to shut up just because of those you are around,

Or would you stand by me,

For the others who are the exact same?

Help or bully? Be trustful or to be a perfect person? To be fake or real?

What would you do?

 We want to hear from you!

Whether you like to write short stories, poems, movie reviews or have a passion for another form of art, your work can be featured on our Panther Post.

To apply, email [email protected] and include a brief description of your artwork or piece, a few sentences letting us know more about yourself and anything else that can tell the story of your masterpiece!

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