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Welcome, future Panthers! You’re just a few steps away from getting a personalized education at Primavera Online School. Making the switch to our tuition-free, accredited and NCAA-approved school is easy! Check out the list below, where we review the enrollment steps.

How to Enroll in Primavera Online School

Step 1: Head to the Enrollment Page

To start your application, go to After that, look for the “Get Started Now” application bar.  Then, fill out the necessary form and click the “Next” button.

Step 2: Complete Online Application & Validate Your Email Address

Complete the full online enrollment application. Make sure that you complete all 5 steps of the application. This includes validating your email address at the end. To do this, check your email for a validation code. It is required at the end of the application. If you do not receive this email, click the “Resend Email” button on Step 5. Also, check your spam and junk email folders.

Step 3: Talk with an Enrollment Advisor

An enrollment advisor will contact you within one business day after submitting your form. However, if you are not contacted within that time frame, call us at 480.405.2703 and choose option 1. Your advisor will help you get the necessary documents you need for your initial enrollment.

Step 4: Submit Copies of Required Documents

Documents you need for your initial enrollment include:

  • Registration Form
  • Birth Certificate* (or other proof of the pupil’s identity and age, including an application for a social security number or original school registration records and an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate)
  • Arizona Residency Documentation Form: Must be the same as address on Registration packet, including a copy of establishing document
  • Immunization Record (or a signed statement re: exemption pursuant to A.R.S. 15-873)
  • Withdrawal Form from Previous School**

*Required within 30 days of enrollment.

**Required if transferring from another Arizona Public School.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Courses at Primavera Online!

We look forward to working with you at Primavera Online School!

  • Have questions about enrolling? Share with us in the comments below!


  • James Glaser says:

    I am looking to enroll when I finish the 9th grade and I have some questions about sending school documents.
    1: Does my previous school have to directly send my transcript or am I able to send an official copy of the transcript myself?
    2: since I took algebra 1 in middle school, would I have to also send my middle school records as well?

    • Hi, James! Thanks for the questions :). 1. Your school has to send the official transcript, but we can help you obtain those! 2. Yes, you will need to show the completion of that course, but we can better help answer your question at 480.456.6678.

  • Tracy Beck says:

    I need to get Roxanna Enrolled again ..She took vacation and had some medical stuff to real with.. can we still enroll her or do we need to start over.

  • Lisa Clark says:

    What is the best method for submitting the required documents after submitting an application? Can they be sent via email or do they need to be faxed?

  • Steve Lorenc says:

    I have been calling for over 2 weeks, of which when I did speak to someone they stated we needed to speak to an enrollment counselor and they said we would have one call us back. I have been calling every day and leaving multiple messages with no return calls.

    • We’re sorry to hear, Steve. While the enrollment may be a pain, we can assure you that the Primavera experience is much better! Please email me at [email protected] with your phone, name and email so I can personally send your info over to enrollment to ensure they call you within 24 hours.

  • Christian Bushyeager says:

    All that I accomplish is leaving a message because “due to the high volume of calls” I have to leave my name and phone number. So far, no call back. I’m attempting to enroll for the LAST class required for me to graduate. I did speak to a counselor in November and thought I was enrolled in Applied Mathematics. However, when I received the confirmation email it showed me enrolled in “Criminology and Forensics.” I emailed the counselor on 11/28 (E. Taylor) who sent the confirmation and have not received a reply, although she invited me to call, text, or email. Is there any way to register online for a course?

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