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At Primavera Online, we’re all about getting ready for the future. That’s why Primavera has partnered with Rio Salado Community College. Because of this partnership, Primavera students can earn college and high school credit simultaneously!

The 2020-2021 school year is upon us! And as a Primavera student, you already know what to expect this fall, because Primavera Online is starting school on time, without delay – no matter what! Now you have the time to go a step further and start thinking about the future. For many, college is next step after high school. But what if you could get ahead and start earning college credit now? Thanks to Primavera’s partnership with Rio Salado Community College, you can!

There are many advantages to getting a jumpstart on earning college credit. And this partnership allows you take college courses at a community college while you are still in high school. Plus, you can accomplish it all online — so you can do it while still being in the comfort and safety of your own home. Win!

Students who take advantage of this opportunity can:

  • Earn college and high school credit simultaneously
  • Save money on tuition and textbooks
  • Finish college faster
  • Transfer to one of our many university partners

Primavera Online High School has partnered with Rio Salado Community College. If you’re interested, visit or call 480-517-8080 for more information.


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