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One of Primavera’s biggest events of the year is upon us! Mark your calendars! Prom is happening Saturday, May 18.

If you’re a 9–12th grade student between the ages of 14–20, you and your guests are invited!

The prom theme this year is One Night in New York.

Enjoy a night out with your friends and great music! Here are the details we have for now. We’ll post more as we obtain the info, so be sure to stay tuned to this blog.

About Primavera Prom

The Mesa Country Club Resort, 660 W Fairway Dr., Mesa, AZ 85201

May 18, 7 – 10:30 p.m.

Open to all 9–12th grade Primavera high school students between the ages of 14–20.

Students can bring up to three non-Primavera students as guests, who must also be in at least the ninth grade and between the ages of 14–20.

All attendees–students and guests–must purchase a ticket and submit a permission slip. If you are 18 or older, you can sign, if under 18, your guardian must sign.

Get your tickets now!


You can buy up to four tickets. Also, please note: once you purchase, you will NOT be sent a digital or a physical ticket. You’ll get a confirmation email, and then your name will be added to our guest list. You will simply need a form of ID (you and your guests) at the door, and then you’re good to go!

Don’t forget the permission slip

If you’re planning on attending prom, you need to submit a signed permission slip. This includes your guests too! If you are 18 or older, you can sign, if you are under 18, your guardian must sign.

Other Prom info

Prom Dress Code

All clothing must appropriately cover the body and be formal to semi-formal in style. Hats, ripped or torn clothing, t-shirts or items that convey offensive or derogatory language will not be permitted. Dresses must appropriately cover the body including the bust line, midriff area, and be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Jeans are permitted, so long as they do not have excessive rips, tears or holes. Backless dresses and strapless dresses will be allowed as long as they do not fall below the waistline.

What’s Happening at Prom?

Come join us at the Country Club Resort and enjoy some food, games and a photo booth. And of course, what would a prom be without dancing?

The following items are prohibited:

-No outside food or beverages (including alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be allowed

-No weapons of any kind (including knives)

-No illegal drugs or substances

-No fireworks or pyrotechnics

-No animals, except service animals assisting those with disabilities

-No noisemakers, bullhorns or air horns

-No tobacco products of any kind


Are you planning on attending prom? Share with us in the comments below!


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