We’re excited to share a special series, featuring real students who appeared in our television commercial! Each month, we will be giving you a closer look into the lives of these students and see how they chose success through Primavera.

Elizabeth Bell, senior

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bell is from Tucson and is a senior here at Primavera with a pretty incredible story to share. Although she has gone through some trials, Lizzie has worked diligently to get her online high school diploma through Primavera, and we are proud to say she is set to graduate next year!

Lizzie was born with Black Diamond Anemia, a rare blood disorder where the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells and causes the immune system to fail. In order to have good health, she would have to get a blood transfusion every month, sometimes more. As time went on and school became more demanding, Lizzie found her health was causing her to fall behind in a brick and mortar school.

That’s why she came to Primavera. With a 100% online curriculum and just two courses every six weeks, Lizzie was able to better focus on her schooling and also have time to focus on her medical needs.

After much research and many hard days for Lizzie, we are happy to say that Lizzie’s health is slowly starting to improve. Despite her recovering health, Lizzie says she still gets the same personalized attention and support from her teachers and counselors that she needs.

“It’s definitely been great talking to a counselor who is a voice for me when I need it,” said Lizzie.

Through Primavera, Lizzie can get her diploma, along with the personal support she deserves. We are proud of her accomplishments and wish her luck in her final year with us!

“With Primavera…I can really take my time and enjoy it, and learn what I need to be learning without having that pressure of the 45-minute time period that I had with a teacher (at my old school). Primavera is amazing at that aspect of still being a school without being a traditional-type school.”
– Lizzie Bell, Primavera student

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